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Dear little Daisy,

I’ve made an oath to myself. I’m going to attempt to take my camera out and document our ever so ordinary daily lives and write a letter/journal to you every 2-3 days. I blog the bigger moments, the moments where the photos are planned and the adventures are mapped out. But I never document the everyday moments. When we wander around shopping and then grab a quick coffee (or a babyccino in your case). So that’s what I’m going to do. So that when we’re both a little older and want to reminisce over the ordinary days, we can do so through these letters to you.

Mondays are by far my favourite day. It’s nice because you go to your child minders in the morning so mummy can work from home in peace for a few hours. Then you get dropped off at lunch time and you have a quick nap (sometimes joined by mummy) before we head out for the afternoon. Today we went to see Daddy Andrew at his, played in his garden and had an ice-cream whilst the sun made it’s appearance. We then all went out and wandered around some shops, I bought some peonies, you bought a magazine and Andrew bought some tools of some sort. We then stopped for a coffee and some dinner and made our way home.

This morning you didn’t want to get up and out of bed so I felt a little guilty sending you off. But I had so much work to do that I needed a good few hours to get it all done. The only way I could get you out the house was by letting you use my (broken) umbrella! It worked though and we managed to get into the car without getting soaked. We’ve had a lovely relaxing Monday. You’ve had a late night and so I’m looking forward to now being able to hopefully have a later wake up call tomorrow morning.

Night, night. 

Mummy xx

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  • Donna Wishart says:

    Oh she is so cute! I love documenting the little ordinary moments too x

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