Mead open Farm review, Bedfordshire

Mead open Farm review

We love finding new places to visit as a family, whilst we can’t travel all the time (Oh how we’d love to!), it’s still nice to be able to find things to do that are a little more local to where we live. Mead Open Farm is in Leighton Buzzard in Bedfordshire and definitely makes for a lovely afternoon or morning out. It averages about £40 for a family of four but because we went during the summer holidays it worked out £40 for us three. I really dislike how places put their prices up for summer holidays – but I guess that can’t be helped and most places do it. You’ll save lots of money visiting Mead Open Farm rather than Willows farm during the summer (As much as we LOVE willows farm!).

The farm itself

The farm is pretty small and compact yet even in the school holidays it didn’t feel too busy and crammed. There’s so much to do and so you don’t really tend to find yourselves on top of each other. When we went they were in the process of building a new barn area and so I think several parts were out of service – we’ll have to go back and visit when it’s all done. It’s a clean farm (as clean as a farm can be anyways!) and the staff are very friendly.

The activities

There’s lots to do inside and outside – so not to worry if it’s raining on the day you visit! Inside you’ll find a HUGE play area and a veggie themed playground. “climb high into the veggie tower, zoom down slides, hear the broccoli sing and play in the Giant Pumpkin!” There is also ‘Shaggy’s play world’ – “Named after the Farm’s cuddly mascot, Shaggy’s indoor PlayWorld is huge – totalling over 13,000 sq feet! And with the NEW Magical Veggie Wood too, it’s now even bigger.”

There are lots of indoor animal experiences where you can stroke rabbits and guinea pigs at Bunny Hop, hand-feed and bottle-feed lambs, marvel at the antics of pygmy goats and groom lovely little ponies – perfect! Not to mention how much there is to do outside – with huge jumping pillows, several adventure playgrounds, go karts, crazy golf, digger village, tractor rides, sky trails and rock climbing!

It’s definitely worth a visit one day but I would recommend going during term times or on a weekend due to the rise in prices. I’m not sure it’s worth the £40 we paid but that may be because we didn’t end up staying that long! Check out their website here for more information and plenty more pictures!

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