Luna kids cinema at Hatfield House

So I’ve been telling Daisy I’ll take her to the cinema for a while now, but I know what she’s like and I know that she wouldn’t be able to sit still throughout a complete film. She’s a little fidgeter! When I saw an advert on Facebook for Luna Kids Cinema at Hatfield House I decided to book us some tickets. We hardly ever do anything just the two of us – we usually have friends with us (which is lovely!) or Andrew, and so I was looking forward to doing something just us.  I booked for us to see ‘Sing’ – something we both haven’t seen before. The play lots of other movies like Frozen, Tangled, Moana and Beauty and The Beast, but we couldn’t make any of the dates! So Sing it was.

What I loved about this open air cinema experience was the freedom of it. We sat in the shade on a blanket and made up a little picnic (of course we had to buy Pancakes from the Crepe stall first!) and then Daisy was able to run about a bit and fidget as much as she wanted. We bought some pens and colouring books with us so she could colour in (she ended up doing this most of the duration of the film!). She also ended up running the the front and playing with other children, leaving me in peace to watch the film by myself. It was a really good film with lots of music so the kids could get up and dance when they wanted. There as also a little kids bar and a big kids bar (for the adults!) and places serving food.

Luna Kids Cinema are at several different venues playing lots of different films! You can see what is on here. It costs Adult tickets are £12.50 whilst a child’s ticket is £7.50 – babies go free. If you’re looking for a fun activity for the summer holidays then definitely check out their website and see if the cinema is coming to a venue near you soon. We had a lovely morning and thoroughly enjoyed some time just the two of us.

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