The longing for Spring and a bittersweet nostalgia

It gets to February and suddenly it feels as though England starts longing for Spring. I know for one that my motivation is low and my work load is high. It’s harder for photography work during the colder months as nobody wants to venture outside into temperatures they’d rather avoid. (I don’t blame them!) But that feeling of needing warmer days suddenly hits pretty hard – we’ve spotted a couple of snowdrops recently and it’s given us a false hope! The days are still just as cold and drizzly, but the sun shines just that little brighter.  The days are getting longer and suddenly we start reminiscing about warmer evenings and the funny feeling in your stomach as you head out of the country and into a new one. England likes to tease us. We’ll be blessed with a mild day accompanied  by beautiful sunshine, followed by a miserable drizzly day – one where we would much rather hibernate.

The problem with being a photographer 

The problem with being a photographer is that I have so many photos. Everywhere. Photos from Portugal, Rome, Lisbon, Greece, Italy. It’s a blessing but it’s also bittersweet. Some evenings me and Daisy will lay in bed and watch all our holiday videos or browse through old photos. During the colder months it’s almost like torture! (I’m a bit dramatic, I know!). But I don’t enjoy being cold, I love the feeling of the sun on my skin, the sound of people out and about, getting on with their day, basking in the sunshine and eating ice-cream.

I remember…

I remember all the moments of “I love this”. It’s hard to be constantly in the moment, especially when going about your day to day life. It’s hard to cherish every hour whilst working or doing the weekly food shop. But when traveling I feel it’s easier. It’s easier to really appreciate where you are and what you’re doing. I remember walking the little cobbled streets of Rome and watching people dance in the street. I really felt that moment. I remember climbing up a dramatically steep hill during 30 degree heat in Lisbon, and I remember enjoying every moment of it. It’s funny that travel does that.

“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world” – Gustave Flaubert. Now that’s a quote, and a good one at that. Traveling brings you to your feet, whilst allowing your head to stay dreaming amongst the clouds. It keeps you grounded. Travel will constantly remind me how large the world is – how small we are and  significantly insignificant, but in the most admirable way possible.

I’m grateful every morning, for I’ve had the opportunity to see what vast land we occupy. I’ve experienced different ways of life, the hustle and bustle, the calm and the cool. Above everything, I’ve been able to bring my family and my camera along with me, allowing me to capture memories that’ll forever leave us pleasantly nostalgic. Everyone chooses to live how they want to live, and for me, I can’t imagine not seeing the world. I can’t imagine living life without stepping into different cultures. It’s what we live for. So come on, Spring, we’re ready for you! We’re ready for our next adventure.

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