For as long as I can | Sparks clothing

For as long as I can | Sparks clothing

“They grow up so fast”. A generic comment from friends, families, strangers; everyone. It’s an uncommon misconception that it does in fact drag. Because it really, really doesn’t. It speeds. Lighting fast. Blink and they’re a teenager. You know that feeling when you put in your headphones and tune out from the world? The feeling of really feeling that song. Feeling the words, the sounds, the energy – just absolutely living in that song for 3 minutes. That’s the feeling I get in moments of despair; moments when I realise that time really does pass quickly. Moments of gratefulness because of what I am lucky enough to call my life.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve felt like something has been missing. I think it’s something we all feel. That feeling of needing to be more, to have more, to see more. But it’s in moments of gratefulness that I realise actually I’m complete just the way I am. I’m not meant to have everything straight away. I’m not where I’m meant to be in 10 years time because I’m where I’m meant to be now. Does that make sense? For as long as I can remember, life didn’t ever ‘fit’.  But when I look back, it always did. It was always fine. Even through the darker times, it was okay because that’s where I was to be. You have to go through those moments in order to come out the other side and truly respect the happy times.

For as long as I can I will stroke her hair until she falls asleep. For as long as I can I will play with her barbies until she’s had enough. For as long as I can I will dress us in matching pyjamas. For as long as I can I will carry her. For as long as I can I will cuddle up on the sofa and watch Peppa Pig with her. For as long as I can. Because these moments pass and when they become memories we’re left with bittersweet feelings of nostalgia. For as long as I can I will breathe to live in the present, because if we’re not in the present moment then we’re not really here are we?

We have been sent these gorgeous pyjamas from Sparks clothing. I absolutely LOVE them. They’re cosy and incredibly soft. But best of all, they’re matching! Sparks clothing have a whole range of different products, they can be customised too. Daisy’s pyjamas (as you can see) have her name on, and mine have ‘mama’ on them. Since being gifted these gorgeous pyjamas, we have hardly worn anything else! Love. Love. Love!

*  we have been gifted these gorgeous Sparks Clothing pyjamas.

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