The little souvenirs of home | A fine contradiction

Everyone rambles on about the little things. But what about the little, little things? The feeling you get when you put on a new pair of socks. That first cup of tea in the morning – how it’ll somehow guide you out of bed and leave you feeling a little more human. Stroking your child’s hair as they fall asleep and wondering what they’re dreaming about. The sound of the TV in the other room, muffled, yet it somehow sounds like home. The feeling of fleece pyjamas in the winter time and how they stop you from wanting to get out of bed. That first frosty morning where the cold hits your face and you realise ‘Winter is here’.  What about those little things?

When we travel, there are occasional moments that hit me and I feel a little homesick. Even if those moments don’t linger, they still conform to create a few minutes of despair. A few silent moments where I’d like to be tucked up in my own bed, rather than a hotel bed. I remember on our first night in Lisbon, Daisy woke up with a temperature and seemed a little lethargic, I felt so homesick that night and really out of my  depth.  The only souvenirs of home, happened to be the two humans beside me. I don’t find myself home sick often, but when I do I like to remember that home is there, it will always be there. Even if it moves, it’ll still be in that same place, with the same people, maybe more.

My love for traveling contradicts with my love for home. Whenever in close proximity of my own belongings, my own home, I want to be there. Cuddled up in blankets, watching movies with the familiar smell of my everyday surroundings. Yet every other moment, I want to get away. To move and to be somewhere that is not home. I long so much for adventure, to see the world, to see new places, to travel out of my comfort zone.  It’s a funny contradiction but one that I’m ever so comfortable with. When I’m home, I’m home. When I’m away, I’m also home. It’s a winning situation and along as I have my lovely fellow life doers by my side, then I know we’re okay.

Here’s to living life as we want to live life. Not conforming to what is seen to be successful and the ‘correct’ way of living.  Are you with me?!

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