Letters to Daisy

Dear Little Daisy

It’s been a while since I’ve written to you. I almost forget somedays that the reason I started this blog was for you – to write to you. I always wonder what you’re going to think of these little letters when you’re older. How old will you be when you read them? Will you cringe? Will you laugh? Cry? A few weeks ago I was reading old letters to you – the ones I wrote before you even entered the world. It’s so strange and surreal. In one letter I talk about how we still aren’t settled on a name, but we think that we’ll call you Daisy. I’m so glad we did. You are definitely a Daisy. and a crazy one at that. There was this elderly gentlemen at work and I really got on well with him. I loved the way he spoke, his views, his outlook on life and his pure kindness. He would always put people first. He agreed that he loved the name Daisy. He didn’t have much money, but after giving birth to you he went out and bought some plain white bibs. He wrapped them up in tissue paper and then stuck on some Daisys he’d picked from the communal garden. I could have cried – it was just the sweetest little thing. You’ll see this – it’s in your memory box.

It’s so nice to look back on old letters and remember feelings of worry and excitement. It’s nice to look back and remember little moments that I probably will forget otherwise. For example – you just woke up (It’s 00:01) and said “Mummy, can I have another pancake?” I told you no and you said “Well, can I just have toast then please?” I really want to get up and make you toast but I’m 99% sure you are sleep talking. We had a lovely but average day today – sometimes these are the best kind. We woke up early and spent the morning relaxing. You had 3 – 4 bowls of cereal (I’m pretty sure you would live of cereal if I let you). You then demanded an ice-lolly and with it being a Saturday – I thought why the hell not.

It’s so funny seeing your personality grow. You are so feisty – it can be hard work. Some days you will not stop talking. I love it but it’s also so incredibly exhausting. You want to hold a conversation with me all day and sometimes I just like to be quiet. You come out with funny things and whenever I ask you to do something because it’s ”the right thing to do” or ”because it’s kind” then you immediately become eager to co-operate. You love to be kind and you love to try and be the bigger person. You’re wise before your years. You have a little friend from preschool and it’s safe to say she’s your first real best friend. You go on about her all the time and it’s so sweet to see your little friendship grow. you’re starting Nursery in September – scary.

I’ve rambled a little but I really thought it was about time I wrote to you again.

Lots of love x


  • http://lifeasourlittlefamily.com/ says:

    I love how you describe her, this letter is beautiful and one I am sure she will smile at when she is 18. I do the same each birthday year, which reminds me G is 6 next month so I should really start to think about it. I love how you describe her personality, she sounds such a sweet little girl but with gumption. All little people should have gumption #TheOrdinaryMoments

  • http://littleladiesbigworld.co.uk says:

    It is nice to remember why you started and it will be amazing for her to read when she is grown up. Gorgeous photos too x #TheOrdinarymoments

  • Donna says:

    She looks like such a wonderful little girl, full of spirit and such a lovely personality x

  • Stacey says:

    What absolutely beautiful photographs. And I love the premise of writing a blog as a series of letters for Daisy. 🙂

  • www.spaceforthebutterflies.com says:

    Aww she is awesome indeed! And I love the story of your friend from work, what a lovely gesture 🙂

  • Sherry says:

    Stunning photos as always, I used to write a ladybug letter to J, but haven’t recently. This has inspired me to start again #TheOrdinaryMoments

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