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Dear Little Daisy,

So it’s got to that dreaded time again. Wednesday evening! I hate having to send you to your child minder’s so early in the morning when you are reluctant to go. I hate having to wake you up and send you whilst you’re half asleep and would much rather have a cosy and relaxing morning at home with me. I feel bad for the rest of the day! I know  you love it there and I know you’ll be having fun but I still feel that sense of guilt. The good old ‘mama guilt’. It’s real and it’s definitely there.

Yesterday we had a lovely morning shopping together just me and you. We sat and had a coffee – well I had a coffee, you had juice and a cookie. We then carried on shopping and ended the day at Andrew’s house where he cooked us all a delicious dinner. He sure can cook a good meal. Today you spent the day with your dad, you hate when I leave you but you’ll appreciate the quality time spent together when you look back. Me and Andrew spent the day out and about, feeling lethargic. We had a lovely and relaxed Wednesday, but we felt as though we happened to be just dragging ourselves through it. I still feel like that now. It’s 8.30pm and I’m in bed – living the life, eh?! It’s not all bad though. It’ll soon be the weekend again.

Lots of love


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  • Hannah says:

    Hump days are always slow days! Does Daisy see much of her biological dad? My 2 y/o hates going to his dad’s because he has no sense of routine there and his dad cancels the visits half the time.

    • dearlittledaisy says:

      She sees her biological dad every wednesday and it’s hard because he’s very different from us so she doesn’t particularly like seeing him that much at first. But I have to persevere until she’s old enough to make her own decision. He’s quite reliant with seeing her but she finds it hard! Ahh have you spoken to him about setting up a routine that works for you both? Co-pareting is tough! x

      • Hannah says:

        I’ve tried but he’s become flaky since he got into a new relationship. I figured that I’ll just put in as much effort as possible so he can never say I haven’t tried. When they grow up they’ll appreciate us mums eventually! x

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