Lee Valley Park Farm, Waltham Abbey

Lee Valley Park Farm

A few days ago we decided that we wanted to go to our local farm. We have one about a 20 minute drive away from us called Willows Farm and we used to go quite a lot but haven’t been in a while. I looked on the website to get a little reminder about the price and noticed that it had gone up to £20 for an adult and £21 for a child. That’s over £100 for a family of five! So we thought we’d have a little look around and see what other local farms we could find that are priced more reasonably. We stumbled across one called Lee Valley Park Farm and had never heard of it before – we thought we’d give it a go and we’re definitely now fans! I wasn’t going to do a whole blog post about one farm, but we really enjoyed it and thought it was a lovely and budget friendly day out for anyone in the Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Essex area.

So for only £5.50 in term time (Monday – Fridays) we love the reasonable price this little farm charges. But one of my favourite things about this place is it’s location. It’s located in the middle of gorgeous countryside. Myself and my cousin where talking about how it looks as though the farm is in some kind of valley and after a few minutes we remembered it’s name.. Lee “Valley”. The views are gorgeous and the farm is incredibly spacious which is great. We obviously visited during half term and so it was a little busier than it would have been. We chose to visit here as it had an inside and and outside section and we didn’t know if the weather was going to stay nice!

There’s so much to do here which is why we had such a great time. Kids get given a little activity book to fill out as they go around too. We started by looking at all the animals we could find – pigs (with the most gorgeous little piglets), horses, donkeys, goats. We saw some Turkey’s and I asked Daisy if she thought they were cute. She just replied with “Can I eat them?”. There’s two outdoor play areas – one dinosaur themed and one with a general farm theme. There’s an inside soft play area – a cafe for food and a cafe for gelato. We thoroughly enjoyed watching the sheep race and Daisy won herself a little medal after her sheep won. Overall it’s a cute little farm and we’re planning another trip when the kids go back to school!

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