Langdon Peter Rabbit woodland walk with Joules

A little while back, everywhere seemed to be Peter Rabbit mad. We couldn’t help but get on board with it all and head out for a Peter Rabbit woodland walk at Langdon nature reserve. There’s nothing better than putting on a pair of wellies and finding the muddiest of puddles to jump in. Soon after we took these photos we made our way straight into an English heatwave – soon followed by the usual murky grey weather. Will England ever get it right? I’m not sure it will. One thing that I love about blogging and taking photos, is the amount of genuinely lovely people I have made friends with. But not just that, it’s the friends that Daisy has made too. We love going on adventures with Ivy, finding new places to explore and just getting creative with photos!

I’d never heard of Langdon nature reserve, and had no idea about the Peter Rabbit woodland trail – it seemed the most fitting place to visit with the girl’s new Joules clothes. We got given a map and could find all the characters around the woodland area. It’s a great place to visit and I can imagine it’s even better on a warm day. Take a picnic and find a bench – a lovely afternoon sorted. I think Daisy is slowly becoming accustomed to letting me take photos of her. She went through a phase of hating it and demanding ‘ no photos!’. She understands now that sometimes mummy has to take photos of her for work.

So here’s our little video and some photos from a lovely morning at Langdon in Essex. Go check out Amy’s blog post at Me Myself And Ivy for even more gorgeous photos! Amy also styled/put the girl’s outfits together and I think I might just let her pick all of Daisy’s clothes from now on because she’s so good at it.

Ivy’s coat | Ivy’s backpack | Ivy’s dress | Ivy’s leggings 
Daisy’s coat | Daisy’s backpack | Daisy’s dress | Daisy’s leggings | Daisy’s wellies

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