Do you know when to put the camera down and step away?

Knowing when to put the camera down & step away

I love photography and it’s clear to see that I take a lot of photos. That being said, I will always know when to put the camera down. There are times where I believe you shouldn’t use your camera. (hard being a photographer!) But there are vague moments where I feel as though it’s better to be present without seeing the moment through a camera lens. Some moments I’m going to get more pleasure from seeing through my own eyes. Sometimes the more precious moments are those that nobody else sees. I loved seeing Daisy’s first steps – this is something I didn’t photograph because I just wanted to be present and enjoy the moment.


Milestones are always beautiful. First steps, first words, first food… moments that you want to remember forever. I have photos of Daisy as she started to walk, I have photos of Daisy when she started to talk and I have photos of her eating. But for all the “firsts”, I kept the camera away. They are moments that I don’t want to forget and I know that a camera obstructing my view will leave me with a photo and not a memory.

Peaceful or picturesque moments

Sometimes you just want to look. Sometimes, especially when traveling, you may see a beautiful view.. a sunset.. mountains.. something that really isn’t going to be given enough justice through a camera. It’s moments like these where I like to take one photo and then just put the camera down. Some views I will never see more than once and it’s nice to have a photo – but at the same time I would prefer take it all in through my eyes first.

When nothing is working

There have been many times when I just can’t take a photo. It’s stressful. When I see (in my head) how I want my photo to look but it doesn’t look that way, sometimes the best thing to do is just put the camera down. Enjoy doing something else and don’t think about that ‘perfect shot’ for a while. Easier said than done when photography is your career. But sometimes photographers will look too much into their competitors and start to lose the passionate side of photography. The more you attempt to better yourself purely to be ‘better’ than another photographer, the less you will enjoy photography. If it’s all about competition to you – then it’s really not for you.

When your child just wants to have fun

Sometimes when we go on a little ‘nature walk’ with Daisy, I find myself snapping more than I am actually paying attention to whatever Daisy is doing. She may talk and I’ll just reply with ”yeah” and ”okay” without really listening to her learning and taking in the world. That’s when I realise that actually I need to be present in the moment rather than through my camera lens. No picture is worth more than a moment – and that’s coming from a professional photographer! Sometimes it’s best to put the camera down and just have fun with you child(ren).

What about you? Do you know when to step away from the camera?

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