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With a lack of Vitamin D, it’s easy to fall behind and feel a little bit ‘glum’. I feel like this has been the longest winter of my life! It’s been okay in the sense that nothing bad has happened and we’ve had a few trips here and there. But apart from that, it’s just been a bit boring. I feel like I spend a lot of time inside, just waiting for the sun to come out so that we can go out! It’s such a typical English cliche to talk about the weather, but if you live in England then I’m pretty sure you talk about the weather approximately 70% of the time. It’s safe to say that when the sun comes out, we attempt to get out. Anywhere. Somewhere. Just outside. You might remember my post from last year where we went to the gorgeous Knebworth House. We decided to head back this year with friends. It’s funny looking back at our photos from last year’s trip and seeing the major difference in how Daisy has grown and developed. She looks so much older!

The thing I love about Knebworth House is that it’s huge. No matter how busy it gets, it just doesn’t seem to ever feel busy. The play park has so many little sections and they are all spread out so that you don’t ever feel as though you’re on top of anyone else. It’s the perfect place for a picnic if the weather allows it. There’s so much to do here and you can easily spend a full day just pottering about – the dinosaur park is huge, there’s a maze, dinosaur trail and a gorgeous cafe. I won’t go into much more detail because you can read it all in last year’s post here. But if you’re in the Hertfordshire area then it’s definitely a great family day out. Why not also check out 5 top places to picnic in Hertfordshire?!

Here’s some photos from our day there this year!

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    I’ve definitely been in a bit of a weather-related slump the last couple of months and can’t wait to get back out there into the world! Looks like you had a lovely day out! x

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