Kew Little Pigs, Amersham

The trouble with having a travel blog, is finding enough places to go, enough things to do and enough to talk about. This is why a little while ago I started looking further afield for unique farm experiences. I stumbled across Kew Little Pigs in Buckinghamshire and knew straight away that I had to go. Kew Little Pigs is a micro pig petting farm based in Amersham where you can fully immerse yourself in the experience of looking after these gorgeous pigs. We went with our best friends one morning and had a lovely time spotting the piglets and playing with all the micro pigs.

Upon arrival you are greeted by staff who give a short health and safety talk about washing hands and how to handle the pigs. It’s then time for a little introduction to all the pigs! We had the lovely owner, Olivia, show us around and I couldn’t help but feel impressed with 1. the amount she knew about these pigs and 2. how she remembered all of their names! We were told a little about each pig’s personality and their life before being shown the petting pens. There were two pens we could go into – one with males and one with females.

The pigs are bred specifically to be smaller – Miniature pigs can grow to around knee height. Kew Little Pigs have been breeding their pigs for over 8 years and have significantly reduced the size of them through selective breeding. All the pigs seemed incredibly friendly and loved a good belly rub. We all had brushes and enjoyed giving them a good brush! We spent some time with the males, followed by the females, before heading over to coo over the piglets (which were a day old!). Our experience was called ‘Mini Pig Keeping’ which meant we got to help out with a task – ours was to give the pigs some fresh hay. You can see what experiences are available here.

Kew Little Pigs is a great morning or afternoon out for anyone that loves pigs. We were very kindly gifted our experience, but absolutely would recommend it. Have a little look on their website for lots more information and photos .

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