Keeping your home safe whilst you go on holiday

Something I never used to think about whilst going abroad was my home. I’m quite an impulsive person and I don’t tend to think too deeply about things that won’t necessarily effect me whilst away. I tend to just plod along and not give many second thoughts as to what is going on at home. That being said, as I’ve grown up a little and have Daisy to think about, I do worry more about keeping home safe whilst we’re on holiday. There are several precautions we take and certain ways in which we leave the house before heading away and leaving it unoccupied for a week or two. Here’s serval ways we recommend keeping your home safe whilst going on holiday.

Home insurance

Home insurance  is something I think everybody should have anyways, not just when traveling away from home. It’s important to check that the insurance cover you have, is still valid when you’re away.  It’s also a good idea to read the small print and see if there are any circumstances in which the insurance becomes void – for example – if you have a house sitter or are away for a long period of time. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Don’t leave it looking unoccupied

If you have a milk delivery, cancel it for the duration of your stay. Perhaps leave a single light on if possible and leave your curtains open. When you draw your curtains during the day, it pinpoints that you may not be occupying the house. If you have a garden (we don’t as we live in a flat) make sure it’s kept well and looks as though it’s not overgrown. Something such as keeping a cordless garden strimmer in the shed and asking a family member to pop round once to trim the grass and water the plants.

Keep valuables safe

This is probably a point that speaks for itself. If you have valuables don’t leave them on show. Keep them away from windows and windowsills or out of the house completely. Perhaps leave anything that is incredibly valuable with a family member or friend. Try not to hide valuables in obvious places such as under a pillow or in a drawer. Luckily for us, we tend to take most of our valuables with us. We take our cameras, equipment, tablets and laptops with us.

Don’t tell everyone

This is a hard one for us! We love to share our travels across our social media platforms. I love creating content and taking photos, so I can never hold back with not telling people. I do, however, mention that we have someone house sitting. But not only that, I am very careful with what I put online in regards to where we live. I don’t give away my home town, just the county and even then I sometimes am more vague, stating that I simply live in London.

It’s easy to not think about what’s going on at home whilst away, it’s also easy to presume that nothing is going to go wrong within your home. In most situations in life, it’s better to be safe than sorry, so we always make sure that we abide by each point in this post. If there’s anything that I’ve left out then I’d love to know – just leave me a comment below!

*This is a collaborative post*

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