When you just don’t get it

So, I read a mumsnet post in which  parents where talking about how they just don’t get it. They don’t get parenting bloggers. That’s fine. But do you know what I don’t get? I don’t get how people think that just because they don’t get something, it means it’s crap and stupid. That’s what I don’t get. I don’t get why my other half loves cars and engineering so much. But you know what? I don’t disregard it as pointless. Instead I’ve tried to relish in what he loves and attempt to learn from it – which I have. Just because I don’t get it, doesn’t mean it’s something that should be disregarded. Okay. So you don’t get parenting blogging ? So freakin’ what. Let me talk a little about my personal job and hopefully you’ll come away having learnt something in the same way I like to learn about other people’s work.

I quit my job in January to ‘focus more time on Dear Little Daisy’. But to me, Dear Little Daisy is more than just a blog. For example if you look at my other website you’ll notice that it’s a shop. I studied photography at university and so I thought why not put everything I know to use now that I have the time to do so. So I have done. And so far, so good. I don’t tend to get annoyed by much ( I don’t think!) but this thread really irritated me. So what if you don’t get it. You don’t need to get it. Just like how Andrew doesn’t get that I want to paint a wall in the living room pink. He’s not wasting his time writing about it. I understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but can we not just be better humans and support each other more.

So instead of  spending time behind a keyboard trying to bring other people down, why not spend that time typing about something you enjoy. Something you love and relish in. Teach someone something, share something creative. Support each other. Life’s too short to be moaning about something you don’t understand. If it’s bothering you that much, try and understand it. If you still don’t get it – move on. If everyone got everything the world would be a pretty boring and dull place to be.

*Here’s a few cute photos of Daisy to turn this post around a little, haha*


  • Kerri-Ann says:

    What a lovely post, sadly I was the one being trolled on that post and like you it really frustrated me. I completely agree that there are many things i’ll never understand like my husband insane love for football but like you I try to understand it and support him. Your girl is gorgeous and well done for turning your love for photography into a little business

  • Becci Davis says:

    I just don’t read Mumsnet. I don’t like negativity so i just don’t read rubbish like their threads. How amazing that you quit your job to focus on something you love. Im hoping to do this by the end of the year#postsfromtheheart

  • Http://www.thisismenow.co.uk says:

    Love this! I’m always scared of what certain Facebook friends may think of me blogging but I’m starting to not care so much because I love it so much. It’s an amazing hobby and something I am working so hard on to build my future. Go you! #PostsFromTheHeart

  • emlinthorpe.com says:

    Oh yes, I was made aware of this thread the other day and had a peek at it…the first couple of pages were enough. I found it hilarious!
    It was like a group of people going on to a Top Gear forum and raging about how they don’t get motoring bloggers ?
    Total silliness mixed in with a bit of jealousy methinks. Leave them to it.
    And yes, your photography is beautiful, glad I came across your blog. Take care! Em x #PostsFromTheHeart x

  • www.schoolrunshop.com says:

    Totally get this! I don’t get why people with small minds but busy fingers are happy to sit at a keyboard/phone and bitch about things they don’t get. Perhaps it’s just jealousy. I don’t read Mumsnet often for this reason. I don’t get it.

    Your girl is beautiful, by the way.


  • Donna says:

    When you just don’t get it – walk away! Agree completely x

  • Gemma | Two Little Misters says:

    Completely agree with you. I haven’t read the whole thread, I’ve only seen snippets of it but I got the gist. I personally am finding blogging very fulfilling – I don’t expect everyone to understand how or why but I won’t stop because some people don’t agree it’s a ‘proper’ hobby! No one is forced to read them… Lovely photos of Daisy!! #PostsFromTheHeart

  • http://www.mummydaddyandmemakesthree.co.uk says:

    What a great post lovely. I saw that post as someone shared it and it made me sad. I totally get why people don’t get parent blogging, I’ve got friends who have no idea what I do and find it baffling I share our every day lives and why people would want to read it, but that doesn’t mean they don’t respect me or support what I do. I totally get that people don’t like them, or don’t agree with them, or don’t understand them, but I don’t understand why people have to be unkind to others. It’s just so unnecessary and just such a shame. x

  • www.mrsmummyharris.co.uk says:

    Oh how cute is daisy???!!!!
    People say they dont get parent bloggers – but its all about going against the “look how fabulous my life is – i love breastfeeding its so natural and even though my baby doesnt sleep i still function like mary poppins” kind of crap we’ve had shoved down our throats,
    To me parent blogging is about letting people know that its ok to feel wank, its fine to not cope today as tomorrow baby could do something so cute or clever that the whole shitty week gets better in that one moment.
    I want to make this my living and if that means reviewing some products then why not? im getting used to saying no, and i’m only sticking to what works with my blog.
    if they dont get it – research it. they’ll be surprised at how wonderful it truely is! #PostsFromTheHeart

  • www.mamacatandbabybee.com says:

    I always have to come read your posts when I find you on a link. I can’t resist your gorgeous photographs. I totally agree with you. Theres enough room in the world for people to do what they want to do, and as long as they aren’t hurting anyone else, live and let live. #postsfromtheheart

  • Beth says:

    Yes! It’s people’s faces when you tell them you write a blog- instant judgement and this weird “why?” face. Like you say they need to stop judging and learn something or just move on. #postsfromtheheart

  • Amy | All Things Amy says:

    Here here! I always say you can’t disregard something just because you don’t get it. I don’t read the mumsnet threads, people love to be mean when they’re behind their computers! Great post.

  • Chloe Wood says:

    Very well said – and beautiful photos #postsfromtheheart

  • Dee Smudde says:

    Beautiful blog (and Daisy is beautiful, too) Enjoy her and do things your way. Parenting is a hard job, but also an enjoyable one. A lot of times, I just don’t get it either. Just go with what you want to do! Dee @ Babyaccessoriesandmore.com

  • Http://www.thesmallestofthings.com says:

    I tend not to read those Mumsnet posts but mainly because I’m busy reading other parent blogs 😉 there will always be someone who has something to say! ox

  • www.dilanandme.com says:

    Love this and totally agree. I didn’t read the post, nor do I ever read Mumsnet forums (dare I say I just don’t get it…..) but I found it really ironic that everyone was writing comments online slating people who write comments online…… difference is some of us get paid for it 😉

  • Emily and Indiana says:

    I always get drawn into those awful conversations on Mumsnet (I wrote my own little rant a few weeks ago based on one actually). They clearly have nothing better to do, and like you say just because they don’t get it, doesn’t mean it’s pointless! x

  • Http://www.realmumreview.com says:

    Completely Agree that post really annoyed me! Live and let live!

    Ps – your daughter is beautiful!

  • Harriet Lee says:

    Totally agree. I don’t get a lot of things that other people do, but that doesn’t mean I would slate them or that it is bad! Gorgeous photos of little Daisy too! xo

  • http://littleladiesbigworld.co.uk says:

    I did see that too and like you say people in the world just need to shrug it off as not their thing. I don’t get my husbands football obsession, I just don’t get it but it makes him happy like my blog and photography do me. Each to their own is a wonderful saying xx

  • Life as Mum says:

    I totally agree with you. It’s a shame parenting blogs get put down so much.

    What adorable photos.

  • www.spaceforthebutterflies.com says:

    Daisy is adorable (as always) so thank you for sharing her. I saw that thread too and just wondered why they were so het up about it all; and why parenting blogging in particular. As you say, everyone is entitled to their hobby – mine happens to be telling the story of my family and my creativity on a blog, there’s is participating in gossipy internet chat rooms. They think all bloggers are boring and pointless, I think I can leave my school days behind, and my hobby gives me an interactive baby book and a record of all of my knitting. It seems likely that Mumsnet posters and I are unlikely to ever agree on a worthwhile way to spend our time, it just makes me happy that there are so many lovely people in the blogging community that do get it!

  • Colette says:

    I must admit – I did think they knew an awful lot about these blogs they professed to hate. And as you say, why bother. If you don’t like it, don’t read it, Move on.

  • Louise says:

    I love this! Everyone likes different things in life, that’s what makes the world such a fun and interesting place. If I spent any of my time complaining about other people doing things that aren’t my cup of tea then I wouldn’t have any time to peruse my passions, like taking photos and blogging! Maybe moaning about other people is a favourite hobby for some. We’ve all got to get our kicks somewhere au suppose!

  • Tracey Bowden says:

    I totally agree. I purposely didn’t read this thread but I heard it was really bad with naming people too. Those threads can get really out of control can’t they! I totally agree though that their efforts should be put into something more positive than bringing others down and just because you don’t get something doesn’t mean it’s bad.

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