I’ve got the bug

I’ve been bitten by the bug. I mean, it’s safe to say that I’ve chosen my ‘blogging niche’ (be it temporary or not) but it’s only when I start talking to people about jet setting that I really notice it. I’ve been bitten by the travel bug and it’s well and truly consuming me. Bad thing? Nope. Am I living in a dream world? Probably. Am I driving people a little mad? I’m sure I am. Am I happy? Yes. The happiest I’ve been. I’ve hated rules for as long as I can remember. School was the worst – I hated teachers telling me what to do and would end up spending most of my time skiving away from lessons with my best friend. As soon as those gates opened and I had the option to leave for good, I never looked back. I decided that I wanted to be a travel photographer (still do!) and so I studied travel and tourism at college followed by photography at university. I’m not sure where I thought that was going to get me? It didn’t get me anywhere.

Four of five years ago (I can’t remember when!) I graduated university and thought I’d just walk out into a good job. Instead I ended up working as a cleaner. Then a care assistant. Those jobs drained the life out of me- working shifts and being spoken down to as though I was stupid. It sucked away all my inspiration, all my energy, and just left me feeling completely lost. It wasn’t until having Daisy and going back to work after maternity leave that I realised.. I can’t do this anymore. Two years later, I quit.

In between those two jobs I started to travel with Daisy and Andrew a little more. I then fell in love. I’m certain I left a little piece of my heart in Rome and I’m okay with that. It was after those seven days in Italy that we decided ‘we can do this.. we can make this a regular thing’. And so that’s what we do (not as regularly as we’d like at the moment). We work – we make money – we book a trip. We work – we make money – we book a trip. and repeat. In between trips my fingers twitch and I have this overwhelming sense of impatience.  Some people get it. Some people don’t. But once that bug bites you – that’s it.

2017 travel diary

April – Eastbourne | May through to June – Turkey  | July – Sardinia  | July – Wiltshire  | August – Wales | September – Copenhagen | October – Lisbon | December – undecided!

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  • Jade + http://www.capturedbyjade.co.uk says:

    Life is too short to not do the things that you love with the people you love.

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