It’s a Daisy thing

Blogging has bought me many amazing opportunities. But the ones I’m most thankful for are the ones where I make life long friends. When I delved into the world of blogging years ago, I never thought it’d open up opportunities to make new friends – but it did. Not only for myself, but for Daisy too! We had a lovely little meet up with Kerry from My Littles Day (Her little girl is Daisy too) and the girls played so nicely together, feeding ducks, picking up pretend walking sticks and sharing their crisps with each other. I was starting to worry a little while ago – Daisy hasn’t been playing very nicely with other children recently and so obviously I’m going to overthink and worry that I’ve bought up a monster (haha). But it was just so lovely to see her really playing with Daisy and enjoying each other’s company. Maybe it’s in the name! Apparently when she’s at preschool she’ll play really lovely with other children – I think it must be something she does when I’m around. Just to push boundaries and test the rules.  I won’t lie though – I was starting to worry!

A lot of people don’t get blogging. And to be honest, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I wonder why I’m even writing posts – or i wonder why  I’m reading a blog post trying to teach me about a certain way of parenting. I’ve got a love/hate relationship with the whole thing. But when friendships bloom then I know I love it more than I hate it. I think it’s so important when you have children to build a circle of good and solid friends. Parenting can be so incredibly lonely sometimes – you end up needing to talk to someone other than your toddler or your also-sleep-deprived partner. You need those people around you that won’t judge your parenting skills and just be nothing but loving and kind.

After seeing a lot in the media recently about bullying, it’s started to scare me. I want to teach Daisy that being nice is cool. Children can be so horrible to each other, I remember it first hand from school myself. I hated school – so much so that part of me considered home-schooling for Daisy. Instead we need to bring up children surrounded by kind-ness. We need to teach them not to be horrible about other people and to help those out when they look a bit lost or sad. No-one should be bullied – we need to teach our children to be kind.

I got a little off-topic there. But if blogging has taught me one thing, it’s taught me to be brave and meet new people – go new places – go to events that I’d usually be a little anxious to go to. I’m so glad I met up with this lovely lady and her beautiful Daisy. Here’s to many more Daisy & Daisy adventures!


  • Donna says:

    It’s so lovely that you’ve made a friend who has a child the same age. Blogging has brought me so many friends – as well as helping the children to make new friends. It’s literally changed my life x

  • says:

    What gorgeous photos of the girls together.
    Blogging is a funny old beast, but it’s nothing if not social!

  • says:

    I totally agree with this I have a love hate relationship with blogging and the online world but you never know where life will lead and it is so nice that you and Daisy have some friends along the way. The biggest thing also about raising my girls is teaching them that being nice is definitely the way to be cool x

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