Ikea haul

Just like hundreds and thousands of people, I love Ikea. Our nearest one is a whole 35 minutes away, which doesn’t sound that far but it’s too far for my liking. So now our car is up and running again we obviously had to take a long overdue trip to the land of furniture and meatballs. Our home is definitely becoming exactly what we imagined. There will always be room for improvement and I think I’ll never be 100% happy with how it looks but that’s just me being indecisive and a little obsessive. Me and Andrew were attempting to label what kind of style our living room is and the best we could come up with was traditional contemporary or classic modern. I’m a bit unsure though. I don’t think the style of our home really fits in with any label. It’s just our lovely little home.  

The mirror

So I’ve had my eye on this mirror for quite a while now. It’s RRP is £60 and I knew it would fit quite nicely on the wall above my sofa. I was really struggling to find a mirror that I loved but this one took my eye. I always try and look around for a good bargain and so I thought £60 was quite a lot to spend on a mirror. But I’m so glad I did. It’s rounded and gets a little thicker at the bottom creating a little shelf where you could place a little vase with a flower in. I’ve kept it empty for now though. It’s a dark wooden brown with a nice matte feel. 

IMG_8395 copy IMG_8418 copy

Kallax shelving unit 

So I’ve seen these around on Instagram and Pinterest and after seeing them in the flesh I just had to purchase! We actually loved it so much that we bought two. One for Daisy’s room to store all her toys, and one for the living room to use as a little coffee table/storage/decorative piece. I’m even tempted to purchase more but I think that might be a little over the top. So the Kallax shelving unit‘s RRP is just £20. You can purchase different fabric storage boxes to slide in nicely or even have doors, draws or use the shelf for displaying items. It’s very flexible and can be used in many ways leaving you with space to be creative. Daisy’s one has black and white storage baskets for all her toys, with two monochrome prints styled above. Our second one, in the living room, has two black storage boxes (again used for Daisy’s toys!) with some plants and styled on top and a fruit bowl beneath. 

IMG_8407 copy


What can I say? You can’t go wrong when it comes to Ikea and plants. I could spend a fortune on just plants. I haven’t managed to take a photo but above the shelving unit we have this frame (£5). We have two more evenly spaced out along that large wall so we’re about to get our search on to find the perfect prints. We’re thinking a few photos of Daisy perhaps as we don’t have many family photos around the apartment. We had our mind set on these particular frames (£15) to begin with but after heading to Ikea and seeing them in person we realised that the frames we purchased in the end where a quarter of the price and didn’t look much different. Bargain. Plants brighten up any room and these two are my new favourites. They’re actually the two only artificial plants I have in my apartment, I’ve surprised myself and keeping them alive. 

IMG_8404 copy IMG_8411 copy

Where’s your favourite place to shop for home decor? 


  • 366 week #4 says:

    […] and went to Ikea as we had an eye on a couple of bits and pieces. You can see our Ikea haul in this previous post. Mon, tues: We actually had a pretty lazy week. Monday was spent at home with lost […]

  • claire says:

    I love ikea. We have 2 kallax currently and planing another for the nursery. We have a trip planned for next weekend!

    • dearlittledaisy says:

      Can’t go wrong with the Kallax! Enjoy your ikea trip 🙂 x

  • Love a good trip to Ikea. We need to go and get some more Kallax shelving for our new extension, its on the list to do this week. We have loads around the house already! x

    • dearlittledaisy says:

      They’re so handy! Good ol’ Ikea xx

  • Jennifer says:

    Looks like a great haul, I love Ikea, I wish we had one closer! I still have an Ikea plant going strong in my kitchen that I bought when I started uni, that must be nearly 20 years ago! I do love the Kallax shelving unit, we never really had the space for one but I’ve seen them around a lot and they look brilliant for storing toys as well as looking pretty.

    • dearlittledaisy says:

      Thanks! They do look lovely, don’t they?! x

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