Our potty training essentials

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It feels as though I blinked and summer disappeared. I’ve said it a million times before but I love summer. I love sun and I’m all about jetting away and relaxing in another (hot) country. But winter is here and what more can we do but embrace it? It’s not going anywhere! We’ve spent our last week being a little lazy, but sometimes it’s all about the lazy moments. We are embracing the quiet. We are embracing the cold. and we are embracing the slow life. During summer, Daisy used to run around the flat with no nappy on and a dress. This made it so much easier to potty train her! We went on holiday and after coming back we slacked a little with keeping her nappy off. Mostly because she would have accidents in her knickers and it was too chilly to just keep her in a dress with no nappy on. But now we have the heating on full blast during the morning, it’s nice to let Daisy run around in a nightie and no nappy.

Potty training is going really well and I feel like we’re almost ready to venture outside without a nappy! An article from the Telegraph published  on 6th November talks about how today’s parents find potty training so tough. It’s an interesting read and states the common fact that there really is no perfect age to potty train – we are to do it when our little one is showing us all the signs. When they are ready, then we are ready! There are so many ways to do it – so many posts on how to do it right and how to do it wrong – but at the end of the day we all parent differently. We personally rely on huggies pull ups a lot! Apart from pull ups, here are a few of our potty training essentials!

Lots of underwear

We have lots of underwear because you never know how much you are going to need to wash it and how often! We tend to buy them with fun patterns or characters that we know she loves so that this encourages her to wear then. We have (what feels like) hundreds of frozen knickers and she loves to wear them. She calls them her big girl knickers and steps into proud mode as soon as they are on!

Potty chairs and seats

I bought Daisy a seat adaption for our toilet a while ago and I felt so bad. As we put it on the toilet it seemed fine. But as I placed her onto the seat and stepped back for a moment it decided to break. She looked terrified! Note to self – don’t go for the cheaper toilet seats! I then bought another one that was a little more sturdy and it’s been great. It came with a little stepping stool so that she can step up to the toilet by herself.

Disinfectant wipes

Okay, so these (for us) are an absolute must.  I find germs a little scary and so potty training leaves me washing my hands and Daisy’s hands ten times over. It’s nice to have some wipes to disinfect the toilet before hand and then again afterwards. There are also some great kid friendly hand sanitisers around which we like to use too.

Car seat (and mattress) protection

We haven’t braved heading out without a nappy on yet, but I think one of my biggest worries is her having an accident in the car seat. It worries me as we only have one car seat and it’ll be a lot of hassle to get home, wash and dry it before needing to use it again. So we’ll be buying some water proof incontinent pads for both her carseat and her bed!

Is there anything else you can think of that would make potty training a lot easier on us? We’d love to know! There are some interesting articles on how to potty train in a short amount of time, like this one from The Garcia Diaries. Do you think it’s best to get it done with as quickly as possible? or is it something you let happen gradually?

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