Holiday countdown


On Monday it’ll be two weeks until we go on our lovely little family holiday to Portugal! It’ll be Daisy’s first time on a plane and her first time in that kind of heat and so I have many worries. I’ve been looking up travel tips to see how we can make it smoother for her and for us! At the moment the excitement overtakes the worry but every so often I keep thinking ‘oh no, what if she hates it?’ ‘what if the plane hurts her ears?’ ‘what if she cries the whole journey?’I guess that’s just motherhood for ya! So here’s a little list of what we are looking forward to when we go on holiday!

1. The airport – that feeling of waking up, making your way to the airport, checking in, wandering around and getting that excited holiday feel as you board the plane! (even though I am absolutely petrified of flying and have to force myself to get on the plane!)

2. That first morning – waking up with the sun shining, putting on your bikini (looking pasty and pale compared to everyone else that’s already built up their tan!) heading to the pool and grabbing a nice cold drink. Ahhhh the little things

3. Sun, sea and sand – This is an obvious one that everyone loves. I mean who doesn’t? We don’t live near a beach (the nearest one is about 1hr 20 mins away) and so it’s great being able to take a wander down to the beach on holiday. With the sun gleaming down and the smell of suncream and salty water in the air.

4. Distancing yourself – One of the best things about being on holiday is the feeling of not caring! Zoning yourself away from your life back home and not worrying about what is going down on social media. That great feeling of knowing that you are very unlikely to see anyone you know out and about and being able to fully relax.

5. The pool – I LOVE heat! But sometimes it can get unbearable abroad, but it never really seems to turn into a problem because there always seems to be a pool RIGHT THERE! Get too hot? Go jump in the pool! Simple. I’m not one for swimming but I love to dip my feet and plod along in the shallow area, haha.

6. Holiday clothes – yep I can be a little shallow like that! One of my favourite things about a holiday is buying (and obviously wearing) pretty little dresses and new bikinis. Don’t get me started on Daisy’s holiday wardrobe.. it’s just TOO cute.

7. Watermelon and Ice lollies – what’s better and more refreshing on a boiling hot day than a nice cold ice lolly and a slice of watermelon? Perfect!

8. Photo opportunities – Speaks for itself really. I love taking photos as you most likely probably already know.

9. New culture – I love experiencing new and different culture. Being in a place where it’s so different from home makes for such an exciting trip.

10. That all over holiday feel – HAPPY DAYS.

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