Hitchin Lavender field | Our annual visit

Hitchin Lavender field

I only discovered Hitchin lavender field a few years ago – but I’m so glad I did. There is something so relaxing and tranquil when walking through a field of lavender. We now make sure that we pay a yearly trip there (if not at least once, then twice). I tend to go a few more times throughout the year for several photoshoots too. To gain access to the farm you pay £6 (for an adult – £4 for a child) and receive a bag with some scissors. You can then fill your bag to the brim with lavender to take home. You can also head on over to the wildflowers and pick some of those, along with sunflowers for 50p a stem. We took Daisy’s little friend this year and they both absolutely loved it! Daisy was a little older so could enjoy it more this time around. Here are three reasons why you should visit Hitchin Lavender field!

Not just lavender

We love that right next to the lavender field is a beautiful little sunflower field. The sunflowers weren’t available to pick yet, I think you need to wait until August for them. You can head on over to it after picking your lavender and pick some sunflowers for just 50p a head. They’re huge and even if you don’t decide to pick some – it’s still nice to have a little wander through them. There’s also some wildflowers there too – so if you fancy picking a few for a vase at home, then you can. I used to be a little worried about the amount of bees but once you’re in the fields, you hardly notice them at all.

Photo opportunities

I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t bring my camera along. There were SO many other photographers and people with cameras taking photos. It’s just so beautiful to look at and makes a gorgeous backdrop for any portrait style photography. I actually hold lavender photo sessions each year – these sessions prove to be very popular and I can see why. The beautiful purple backdrop creates a magical photo!

Cute cafe and the park

There’s also a really cute cafe with a little shop and museum. There’s seating inside and outside along with a park for children to explore. You can purchase lavender plants here too. We stopped by here and let the girls have an ice-cream and drink before letting them play in the park for an hour. The food is good and very reasonably priced – the perfect way to end a trip to the lavender. You can also buy lavender ice-cream – although I’m not sure I’d want to try that!

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