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Since studying photography at university and graduating with a first class honours degree I’ve only recently started thinking that maybe I will incorporate more photography related posts into my blog – because let’s face it – I take so many photos and considering I don’t work as a full time photographer I may as well put my photography skills to use somewhere! My favourite type of photos are the ‘fly on the wall’ type photos. I love taking posed photos too, but the type of photography where people don’t really pay attention to you taking their photo is my favourite. This is so easy to do with babies as all you need to do is sit back and relax, watch them play, and snap away. I leave my camera on the side and often find that I’ll pick it up to snap some casual photos of Daisy playing – like the ones below for example!

photo GOODACTION_zpsyiurw8ax.jpg


For these photos I used a lens with a shallow depth of field (50mm f1.4). The shallow depth of field is what makes the ‘blurred’ soft background. I find that’s the best to shoot with when wanting lovely portraits or photos where you want to focus on one thing in particular (in this set of photos it happens to be Daisy). I have a couple of different cameras but I find it is definitely the lens that has more of an effect on photos rather than the camera itself – yes you get better quality with a better camera – but this only really counts if you are having it blown up rather large.

Lighting –

Natural light at around midday is always perfect for me. Especially as my apartment gets a lot of the sun and seems to be lovely and bright. I have a studio soft box light too that I will get out here and there when the light seems a little dull. If I don’t get that out I will just set my ISO number a little higher. The ISO number is what controls how much light is let in. In basic terms, the higher the ISO number is the brighter the picture will be, and the lower it is the darker it will be. Using the light from a large window is another great way of gaining good exposure. To prevent an excessive amount of light from entering the lens which prevents you from taking the photograph you want, a neutral density filter might be the ideal addition to your photographer’s arsenal.

photo IMG_1290 copy_zpsyptrhutt.jpg

Tips –

Snap happy! If you have a big memory card just completely go for it! Snap away to your hearts content. I take so many photos for just one single moment because you could have the best photo ever but have the model’s eyes closed or something could be getting in the way of that photo being perfect. If you’ve snapped so many then you’re sure to get at least one great shot!

Think about the set up! Are there things laying around in the background that are going to take the attention away from the subject. Is the light too dark? Think about what you are shooting and the best way to capture the kind of photo you are aiming for.

Format! What format are you shooting in? Think about using a fast shutter speed or sports mode for little ones that are on the move. Is it night time? Think about using the right setting for night time photos.

No flash! I really, really, really dislike using the built in flash. I think it makes photos look plastic and not as great as they really could look. Without flash I feel the images are much softer and more pleasant to look at. Each to their own though!

photo IMG_1266 copy_zpspzrtbhk2.jpg

I hope this has helped or inspired you to take some fly on the wall photos! I will be posting more photography related blog posts in the near future. I’ll be talking more about photoshoot, the camera equipment that I use, affordable camera accessories and some tips for effective portraits 🙂

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