To the first time parents flying with a baby

To the first time parents flying with a baby

I’m pretty sure you’re actually terrified of setting foot on that plane and having the worst few hours of your parenting life. I’m no expert – believe me. But can I just tell you? Please don’t worry. If the worst outcome is that your baby screams for the entirety of the flight – it’s okay. I mean, what can you do? Console them, feed them, cuddle them and do what you can to make sure they’re okay. Maybe their ears hurt or maybe they’re just unsettled and can sense they’re doing something out of the ordinary.

Ignore the couple behind you that keep tutting and rolling their eyes. Trust me they are the minority. Likelihood is that you’re actually only imagining the reactions of other passengers. More likely than not, people are feeling sympathetic and wondering how they can help you. Walk up and down the isle if you have to. Stand up and rock them to sleep. They’re your child – do what you need to do to help them. Don’t worry about the judgment of others. What else can you do?!

I remember our first flight with our daughter, Daisy. She was slightly unsettled and fidgety. She couldn’t walk but she wanted to stand up and look around a lot – she’d pop her head over the seat behind us and try to make friends. She’d kick the seat in front of her and we’d have to tell her to stop. But overall – it wasn’t bad. It was fine because the majority of people have been there and done it themselves. The majority of people are understanding.

I’m no expert but we have flown a lot with Daisy. We’ve just had her 13th flight! (totally not counting) Each time we fly I worry a little less. I learn to ignore any snide looks. I ignore any passing comments and just remember that as parents with children we still have the right to fly – just as much as any other person! Don’t let the flight put you off going places. Yours sincerely; Jodie x

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