Fethiye: The calm, the quiet, the rush and no rules

I remember over 10 years ago when my parents could afford to take us all (4 kids) on a holiday abroad and it was a toss up between Bulgaria or Turkey. I remember thinking “Please be Bulgaria” because Turkey just didn’t appeal to me at all. All I could picture in my head was a turkey gobbling away in a farmyard. Not quite the picture I have now. It ended up being Turkey and I’m forever grateful because it’s the place that made me fall in love with traveling. I was so young, maybe 12 or 13. But we went back every year afterwards for almost 10 years. I’ve been to the same apartments with family, friends, ex boyfriends.. the lot (haha). We are close friends with the hotel owners and it’s a place that holds so many sentimental memories. The last time I went to Turkey I was about two months pregnant with Daisy! We’re heading back here for the first time since she’s been born and I can’t wait to show her and Andrew all the best places.

The town

I’m a country girl at heart, but put me in a beautiful town like Fethiye and I may never look back! It’s a little city that sits on the edge of a harbour. I love the small streets that are cramped with turkish delight, rugs, ‘designer’ bags and Turks trying to lure you into their store with fake Channel no. 5. The food in Fethiye is to die for. It’s all sourced out locally and cooked by people that just know how to cook. What I love about Fethiye is the culture. It’s so different from so many other places I’ve been.

Getting around

This is one of my favourite things about traveling in Turkey. We stay in  a place called Calis Beach and from there we hop on a water taxi which takes us over to Fethiye harbour. It takes about 15 minutes each way and it’s so incredibly relaxing. I remember coming back one evening and it looked exactly how it looks in the photo below. The sky was a deep red and everything felt so calm. It’s funny how sometimes you remember a moment so clearly the you can almost close your eyes and be there. I remember looking back at the harbour as we drifted further away and just thinking “I don’t want to leave”. It’s a place that feels like home. Since visiting more countries, it’s made me realise that actually, the road feels like home to me. I’m at home when I’m in another country. My anxiety disappears and it’s almost as though I’m having a week’s worth of therapy.

The ‘Dolmus’ is another form of transport. It’s a little bus / mini bus / basic tin with wheels (haha) that takes you across the area. It’s basically a small bus that just doesn’t feel particularly safe. But it’s fun. You hop on and you hold on. They rarely even close the doors – and off you go. I remember gripping so hard onto the hand rail one morning, It felt a little like a funny form of an adrenaline rush. Not sure how I feel about taking Daisy on a Dolmus, but it’s definitely an experience.

The calm, the quiet, the rush and no rules

The title says it all.

Fethiye is all about the calm. The waking up in the morning to the mere sound of crickets. Waking up early before the hustle and bustle.

It’s about the quiet.  The laid back approach to life.

It’s about the rush. The city at night – with Turkish music, Turkish dancers, fast cars, motorbikes. But it’s about the quiet afterwards too.

It’s about the no rules. Of course there are laws, but it’s as though they are non-existent some days. Drive where you want, hang out the side of a moving bus, jump into the ocean from the back of a crooked boat, ride on the back of a motorbike with no idea where you’re going. I’m so grateful for this place that made me fall in love with traveling. I feel that if we took our first holiday to Spain or anywhere else, then it may not have given me the travel bug. It may not have given me that drive I wake up with – the one where I just want to go.

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