Our ‘favourite’ travel fails

As much as we love traveling – we sometimes really suck at it. There have been plenty of times where something has gone wrong and we’ve almost missed our flight. Nowadays we’re determined never to run for a flight again. Running with luggage and a toddler is never easy – let alone after a few glasses of wine (I have to have a drink before flying).  I’ve gathered together our three ‘favourite’ travel fails. These are things that we can now look back and laugh at. Whereas in the moment we just wanted the ground to swallow us up. We’re hoping that now we’ve experienced our little travel fails, they’ve actually educated us and made us better at traveling in the long run.. we hope! So here we go –

#1 | The wrong day

My favourite (but at the time least favourite) travel fail was the day we turned up to the airport 24 hours early to catch a flight to Rome. Yep – a whole day. Not only that, but it had been the most stressful journey there. We decided to get the train instead of driving and it cost a lot more than we imagined. It was a long journey and Daisy didn’t sleep at all – instead she whinged the whole way. We handed over our tickets and the lady gave us a sympathetic look before telling us ‘Sorry, you’re a day early’. We actually couldn’t believe that we had been THOSE idiots that had turned up on the wrong day. We kept telling ourselves at least it’s a day early instead of a day late – which made us feel better for about 5 minutes. We then had to endure the train journey home with an unsettled and unhappy toddler. Not to mention doing it all over again the next morning!

#2 | Running for our flight

Another great travel fail was the day our coach transfer was late to pick us up. We hadn’t left enough time to get from our hotel in Corfu to the airport and wow that was a stressful ordeal. The coach turned up late (we’ll never be getting a coach transfer again!) and after turning up to the airport it was absolutely packed with queues and crowds of people. My heart was absolutely racing – I’ll always remember that feeling of ‘CRAP!’. After getting our bonding passes we spotted the queue through security and we had two options. 1 – go to the back of the queue and miss our flight or 2 – go straight to the front and talk our way through. I decided to go straight to the front. This is when I realised how RUDE and ARROGANT english people can be.

Instead of seeing us, a young family looking a little flustered and worried, and ask us if we was okay – 99% of people just tutted, gave us disapproving looks and I heard the phrase ”ooooh just because they have a buggy they think they can push in”. I remember turning around and saying ”we’re going to miss our flight actually and would quite like to get my daughter home today. Thanks”. I literally was so angry! Nobody wanted to help us and that whole airport experience was by far the worst we’ve had. I spoke to a Greek policeman and he took his absolute sweet time deciding if he’d let us though or not. He didn’t smile, didn’t barely say a single word. Some people are just so rude! I remember getting angry with him and Andrew kept nudging me saying ”Jodie.. he has a gun..calm down”. He FINALLY let us through and we RAN to board our flight. We made it.. just!

#3 | Throwing away our luggage

I can’t quite remember where this little ordeal happened, but I have a feeling it was Spain or Portugal.  We turned up to the airport to get our flight home and happened to be running a little behind. We’d used up all our money apart from £20. We got to the check in desk and they told us we had only booked in one case. We both looked at each other and thought ‘crap’. Usually we’d part with our money and that would be that – but it was an additional £40 (eek) AND we didn’t have any money on us at all! I had my bank card (with now only £20) and Andrew had left his card at home after withdrawing all our money.

We went outside and started to panic – what on earth do we do? We didn’t have long to catch our next flight so we started to throw away Andrew’s clothes and anything that we didn’t need. I managed to get hold of my mum to ask if she’d transfer some money to my card – she was also abroad and didn’t have any internet connection were she was. She quickly rushed to get some and THANK GOODNESS she managed to transfer the money. We ran for our flight (again) and made it just in time!

Tell me some of your travel fails! I’d love to know. It may make me feel a little better about how bad we are at traveling!

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