Drayton Manor & Thomas Land + tips

I remember the first time I went on a rollercoaster. I was in Disneyworld with an ex boyfriend and his family, and whilst having no idea if I’d love or hate them, I figured I’d have to try. Turns out, I love them. I’m probably the most unlikely advocate for rollercoasters – I worry about every little part of life. But there’s something about flying through the air with no control, letting the wind catch your hair, and feeling the dip in your stomach as you hang upside down in the most awkward of positions. A few years back we went to CBeebies Land for Daisy’s second birthday – we’d heard good things but to be completely honest we didn’t think much of it (Sorry CBeebies Land!). So when we were invited to go to Drayton Manor I could have jumped for joy! Time to take Daisy somewhere we’d heard great things about. Time to turn her into a mini thrill seeker!

She went on pretty much every ride that she could go on (which was quite a lot!) and then threw a little bit of a tantrum when it was time to go. “I want to go on more rides, mummy!”. Both myself and Andrew were considerably impressed with how many rides catered for the little ones. Daisy is about 1.2m which is how big you have to be on most of the rides in order to go on with an adult. I was a little worried that we’d end up spending hours chugging around on trains that slowly made their way around the park. (There was one, but it was lovely!).  After getting soaked on Captain’s Sea Adventure and feeling nervous on the Troublesome Trucks Runaway Coaster, we decided to head to the park’s zoo!

It was a two hour drive there and back but from where we are (Hertfordshire) it’s a pretty straight forward route. We arrived at 11.30 and stayed until closing at 6pm. The times alter depending on what time of the year you visit – it is opened an hour later during the school holidays which is good. We never usually stay that long when on a day out but we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and could have stayed at least another two hours! Next time we know to get there when it opens. Drayton Manor was in general completely amazing! I wish we lived closer because myself and Andrew agreed that we would have to get a yearly pass. If you’re in the area (or even not in the area) definitely pop it on your bucket list.

*We received complimentary tickets to Drayton Manor. All words and opinions are completely honest and 100% our own Thank you Drayton Manor for hosting our trip!*

Here’s a few tips for your day

Afternoon Thomas Land – We never found ourselves queuing up for longer than 20 minutes, which was wonderful. We did find that the afternoon seemed quieter, particularly from 4pm onwards. We managed to walk onto most of the rides without queuing – not sure if that’s luck or not – but it’s worth a try! The park is always getting new rides so perhaps also try and go on the older rides to begin with if visiting int he morning. Ie. rides like Harold’s Helicopters.

They don’t have to like Thomas – I was a little bit worried to begin with because Daisy doesn’t watch that much Thomas the Tank Engine. She knows who he is and has watched a few episodes but she’s more a fan of Fireman Sam! That being said, it really didn’t matter. Once in Thomas Land she just wanted to go on all the rides, eat donuts and have lots of fun.

See the park – It’s easy to think that the only part of the park for children is Thomas Land. That is definitely not the case! Head on over to the zoo, the 4d cinema, the cafes for ice-cream. Wander around the rest of the park and check out all the other rides that little ones can also go on. We started our day in Thomas Land as it’s right at the entrance, then made our way through the rest of the park to the zoo and back again to Thomas Land.

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