DIY Fairy garden with Hobbycraft

We were recently challenged by Hobbycraft to create something within a £20 budget. We’d wanted to make a little fairy garden for a while and so decided that is what we’d do. Andrew’s mum had her eye on a great log that was located just behind her house, so we bought that in one day and from there we started creating. I can’t take full credit for this project – Andrew, his mum and his sister helped a lot. This is one of two projects we’ve budget for and to create this fairy garden we spent approximately £12.

You will need:

A log, a few pine cones, small pebbles, scissors, glue, 3 packs of cinnamon sticks, 2 – 3 packs of lollipop sticks, mini mushroom assortment, 2 – 3 packs of moss, 2 – 3 packs of mini flowers, white felt, mini pegs, string.

Step by step:

IMG_6113 copy First step is to find the perfect log, or a log with a lot of potential. We altered ours by pulling parts off it and by carving bits here and there. We made space for the little house itself and then built a base so we could secure it once created. We then unpacked the lollipop sticks and cut out little dents (see the second photo along) so that they could slot together to create the house. We glued the lollipop sticks together, once the glue dried it was very stable and strong. How sweet does the house look?! After gluing the house down, we then made another small base for the chimney and glued little pebbles from the garden onto it.

IMG_6125 copy

We then tied and glued some cinnamon sticks together with the string to create a ladder. You can be as creative as you like! We had planned to use it to create a bridge, but the ladder seemed to work better and we had a slot where it fitted in nicely. After the house has well and truly dried, and is stable enough that you are able to place it down into it’s place, you can then start to add the cinnamon sticks to the front. Cut the cinnamon sticks so that they fit nicely around the door as it leaves it with a nice and realistic finish! We then placed some moss behind the house so that it blended in nicely to the log. We placed the moss in places that it seemed appropriate and really liked the finishing touch it added to the fairy garden!

IMG_6130 copyIMG_6136 copyIMG_6149 copy

We then started on the tiled roof. We thought if we used the lollipop sticks to create a nice tiled effect, then it’d look more realistic – and it sure did! We cut the ends of each lollipop stick (cut to whatever size is appropriate for the size of your fairy house) and then layered them as you an see above. We then used coffee mixed with a little bit of water (good idea, right?!) to paint onto the house. Coffee won’t withstand a lot of weather, but if you plan on keeping it out during rain then you may want to consider a varnish as that’ll withstand more. After the house was done, we added all the finishing little touches. This was my favourite part as it slowly came together!

The little mushrooms and flowers looked sweet as we dotted them round the log. We then created a sign pointing towards the fairy house – we made this from the lollipop sticks. We added a washing line using the felt to create mini socks and a t-shirt! We then added some fairy lights for a cute finish. As we finished our project during the evening time, it looked lovely all lit up! It’s so easy to make your own fairy garden – after you’ve completed the basic steps, it’s all about using your creativity to bring it all to life. Why not shop around and see what other accessories you could add! All we need now is some fairies to visit….

IMG_6152 copyIMG_6158 copyIMG_6176 copyIMG_6178 copy IMG_6182 copy

 *In collaboration with Hobbycraft*

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