Dear Little Daisy | Don’t apologise

Dear little Daisy,

Don’t apologise. Don’t apologise when you have a question to ask, or a story to tell. Everything we want to say is usually worth saying. Be strong and don’t hesitate your words; shout them out loud because you can and  you should. Don’t apologise if you want to do something and someone is standing in your way. Be noble, be humble, be kind and be honourable. Don’t be horrible. Don’t apologise for your opinion. It’s your opinion and it should be heard in the right circumstances.

Never ever apologise for being who you are. Be strong and be courageous because there is only ever going to be one of you. Stand strong and stand tall because you can and you should. Why bow down when you have something you want to say – something you need to say. Your words are yours to speak out loud, your words are yours for the world to listen. If you have something you need to fight for or something you strongly believe in, then fight for it. Fight with it.

Hold your head up high because you are worthy of your place in this world. Your feet will take you where you need to be and your heart will guide you with kindness and pride. If someone is horrible, just give them a smile. If someone is kind, be kind back. But please my dear, don’t ever apologise for being you. For as long as you are kind and true, you are doing okay. Don’t apologise when you need to ask a valuable question. Don’t apologise when someone walks into you. Don’t apologise when someone is standing in your way, and definitely don’t apologise for believing in what you believe.

I spent way too many years of my life apologising. Apologising for just simply being.Don’t let it take years before you figure out your own worth. Just know that you are worthy from the get go. Not more worthy than others, not less worthy than others. Just worthy in the sense that we are all.

So whatever you do. Don’t apologise. Be kind.

Be unapologetically kind.

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