A day at home featuring White Stuff

I always find it amusing how two of my favourite hobbies are contradicting. I either like to be traveling and on holiday. Or I like to be at home. I love styling my home and constantly find myself rearrange room after room until I am happy with how it’s all looking. With the awful weather we’ve been having recently, I’ve spent a lot of time at home browsing homeware items. One brand I absolutely love to shop from is White Stuff. Our local store is located in StAlbans and they have a variety of homeware, gifts, kids clothing and adults clothing – the perfect mix. I struggle a little with attempting to get my living room exactly how I want it. I don’t like clutter (Clear house, clear mind). But I like quirky accessories and a little colour. Sometimes it can be hard to find the balance in between. When we moved in we created a blank canvas – everything was white. It drove me insane! I needed colour and a little ‘fun’ injected.

I recently teamed up with White Stuff and chose a few items to brighten up my living room, along with a cute outfit for Daisy. I must have spent a good few hours just browsing their website resisting to purchase pretty much everything. Instead of ‘reviewing’ and talking you through each item and why I chose it, I put together a little video of a day we had at home. We didn’t do much, but sometimes those days are the best days, right?! As you can see from the video (below) and the photos (also below), I generally go for a neat/clean look with bursts of colour and energy in-between.

Daisy currently loves picking her own items and so I let her have a little look on the website with me. That way she could have some say in what she was to wear – it’s impossible for me to pick out outfits for her nowadays, it’s all about the skirts and tutus. I’m sure she would spend her days dressed as tinker bell if I let her!  This cardigan is my absolute favourite of hers now, it looks gorgeous on and you can tell from simply looking at it that it’s great quality. Here’s the video! The items are linked below.

Criss cross cushion |  CandleMug | Daisy’s cardigan | Daisy’s skirt | Daisy’s hair slides

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