Cornwall with John Fowler Holidays {Part two}

Why we love Cornwall

I’ve always said that one place I’d love to live would be Cornwall. I love the sea and I’d love to have it almost right on my door step. Out of all the seaside destinations I’ve visited in the UK, Cornwall always has the nicest. It’s not over populated with people selling chips and donuts, it’s not flooded with brits trying to soak up every little bit of sunshine and it just never seems to feel like your typical British seaside town. There’s something about the little fisherman towns, the sea is even more blue, the sand is softer and the people are nicer. Obviously this is all my own opinion, but Cornwall will always hold a safe and secure place in my heart.

Recommended towns

Even in our own county, me and Andrew love to explore new towns. No town is ever the same and it’s always an exciting adventurous feeling whilst you explore somewhere you’ve never been before and do something as simple as wander around and have a coffee. I knew we’d visit some lovely towns during our stay with John Fowler Holidays, especially being so close to the coast and so far west of the country. Here are a few of our favourites.


Hayle beach is beautiful! This is the town we stayed in and it’s definitely a great option. Not only is it so easy to get to a handful of other gorgeous towns but it has it’s own little charm too. The satnav took us on a long winded journey to get to Falmouth one day and it was probably one of the best drives I’ve ever been on. It took us through little streets and farms. It took us through roads where we questioned if our (small) car would even fit. The streets were so thin and narrowing but it was eye opening to see the side of Cornwall that you don’t usually see. We were a three minute drive away from our local big supermarket (Asda) and even that was pretty! It was situated on a little harbour and so whilst paying for your items you can look out the window and distract your toddler with a bit of boat spotting!


Both of these places are beyond beautiful. St.Ives has always been on my bucket list, it’s always been somewhere that I’ve eagerly wanted to visit and so I was incredibly excited that we’d traveled far enough west to do so. It definitely lived up to it’s expectation, although a little (very) busy. I always think these places will be so much more beautiful if you can take away half of the crowds! When looking out at the beach in St.Ives it’s easy to imagine that you’re not in England in anymore. The sand is so light and fluffy, the sea is SO clear and blue. We wandered around the independent shops and boutiques  and enjoyed a nice cup of coffee and some chips on the beach front. I’m so happy I can tick St.Ives off my bucket list. Falmouth is another town that’s always appealed to me. It’s somewhere that my family have visited and recommended. We had fun, again, wandering around the little shops and stopping for lunch on the beach front. These are both beautiful picturesque towns that we’d recommend all the way!


Lands end is another place that I’ve always wanted to tick off my bucket list. I love the idea of being at the end of the land so we were excited to visit here. We went quite late as I really wanted to catch the golden hour light. The golden hour light was rubbish as it was overcast and the lighting was just generally a bit dull so I didn’t manage to get the kind of photos I had hoped for! It’s always so annoying when you picture something in your head and then it looks completely different when you put it to practice. Anyways! Pictures aside.. Lands End was absolutely stunning. It feels surreal to know that you are at the most southern westerly point in your country. There was a lovely little pub and whilst driving towards Lands End it had a sign saying it was called ‘The last pub in England’. On the way back, on the authorised of the sign, it said ‘The first pub in England’. We thought that was a cute and funny little touch!


I’ve heard a lot about Newquay – all good. I can recommend it ,but it definitely isn’t my favourite part of Cornwall. The town itself is lovely, there’s a lot of well heard of shops, mixed in with some independent boutiques. The beach is beautiful too! We had a long stroll around the rock pools whilst Daisy enjoyed paddling her feet and looking for ‘fishies’. I can’t pin point exactly why Newquay isn’t one of my favourite places, I think perhaps it was a little too busy for me. But once on the beach, the business tends to calm down as it’s such a large space.

You can visit John Fowler Holiday’s website by clicking here. We had such a wonderful stay with them, and are genuinely looking to go back at some point next year. They currently have some great last minute deals from just £167.31 so be quick to have a look.
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* John Fowler Holidays provided us with five nights accommodation in exchange for our review. All words are honest and my own opinion* 

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