Corfu, Greece

Corfu, Greece

“I’m never traveling again, atleast not by air anyways”. This was (and usually is) my thoughts whilst flying to another country. Especially when the landing doesn’t go to plan and you end up taking off again to re-land. Yet sat here, just 2 nights before we fly back home and of course I’m happy to do this all over again. Traveling is engraved into my bones, it’s part of who I am and a little phobia (flying) is not going to get in the way of that. We’ve been eaten away at whilst in Corfu, Greece. The mosquitos seem to enjoy our English blood. I feel like they’re meaner here, my skin is incredibly itchy.

The first night we had extremely heavy thunderstorms and in my deluded state of mind, thanks to not much sleep, I assumed we was going to get swept away in a disastrous storm. The brain is so funny sometimes… But we’re in Corfu, Greece! I’ve wanted to visit Greece for some time, especially after falling in love with the Turkish coast ten or so years ago after a family holiday with my parents. I’d heard they are similar in different ways. I had visions of little pebbled streets with blue and white decor painting the buildings.

After 24 hours in Corfu, Greece I could already tell it was going to be a favourite of mine. I’m not a holiday maker that enjoys to sit around the pool and sunbath all day. Neither is Andrew, which is a bonus. instead, we prefer to wander around little towns, find new villages and hidden beaches. I won’t lie, there’s times when it’s incredibly hard with a toddler in tow, but in a way that makes the challenge more fun.

We stayed in a little resort called Ipsos Beach which was lovely. The beach itself was very pebbly and a little short, but on the opposite side lay a row of restaurants, bars, cafes and shops. We would quite often take the local bus into Corfu town. Corfu town is absolutely stunning. Exactly how I had envisaged it and better. The streets are narrow and beautifully uneven. The shops are full of little treasures and unique finds. It’s so easy to spend a full day there; shopping, eating, drinking and just wandering around looking at all the beautiful sights. *This post is rather image heavy!* Corfu, Greece is absolutely stunning and we couldn’t recommend visiting it enough.  See previous post from our trio to Corfu.

Our many, many photos from Corfu, Greece

img_8014The little beach we found – It was always very quiet as it’s hidden away. We found that we would sit there for a few hours and enjoy the calm sea, clear water and beautiful slow breeze.

img_8105 img_8128 img_8140 img_8208img_8226 img_8286 img_8310 img_8328 img_8336 img_8349We had a little bit of rain but it soon cleared up and left us with sun and in Daisy’s words ‘muddy puddles to jump in’.
img_8364 img_8382We found a hagen-dasz ice-cream shop and whenever Daisy decided to nap we would head there and treat ourselves to ice-cream and coffee.
img_8406 img_8414 img_8456 img_8507 img_8514We had a ground floor apartment and the balcony was huge. It was perfect for Daisy to run around on; it overlooked the pool and mountains.
img_8521 img_8598 img_8627 img_8638 img_8684The sea is so beautifully clear! We could see all the little fish swimming around our feet. img_8706 img_8716This was one of our favourite spots the entire holiday; it was so peaceful and tranquil. I could personally sit there for hours on end just daydreaming and relaxing.
img_8730 img_9000 img_9018 img_9029img_9034 img_9078Daisy had a little bit of spending money and decided to purchase this ‘goat’. (It’s a cow). But she would take it everywhere with us and role-play that she was taking him to the dentist. img_9144 img_9225 img_9235 img_9242 img_9279 img_9333 img_9357


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    Oh my goodness, your photos are stunning! Will definitely be adding Corfu to my “must-see” list!

  • Rose dent says:

    Fantastic real life holiday with dear little daisy I almost felt that I was there with you looking forward to next travel blog

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