The complete A to Z of flying with toddlers

Traveling with children is hard – anyone that tells you otherwise is lying. Fact. That being said, traveling with children is so much fun and so incredibly rewarding. This is a little bit of a light hearted A to Z of traveling with toddlers, but if you’re looking for something with more ideas and tips then sign up below to receive the free mini e-book I’ve been putting together. I’m no expert but I like to think we have some good tips to throw out there! In the meantime have a little read through our fun little A to Z of traveling with these funny little mini humans. It’s fun, I promise.

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A is for arguments. There will be many of these – toddlers and children are hard work when traveling – you’ll end up arguing over the most silly little things. But the trick is to pick your battles! Do anything that’ll make life a little easier whilst flying.

B is for bathroom stops. They need to go at every opportunity possible – Not only at the airport but on the plane when they aren’t allowed to move much – they know they’ll get to stretch their legs as they take a super slow walk to the toilets.

C is for crazy because they will drive you crazy. full stop.

D is for do it anyways because although the plane journey may not be the most fun part of the journey – think about the experience and the excitement of landing and being in another country. It’s all totally worth it.

E is for everything – pack everything you think you may need in the hand luggage bag! Spare clothes, and extra set of spare clothes, toys, games, books, play dough – everything! (Within reason, obviously)

F is for food. Sweets, chocolate, crisps – anything. Just get lots of food and the toddler will be okay for at least half an hour!

G is for gin. As soon as that aeroplane takes off, you’re officially on holiday – it doesn’t matter if it’s 6 o clock int he morning or midnight – either way get yourself some gin, because all is good after gin.

H is for happy. Even if you want to pull out your hair or ditch the toddler for a random child-free couple – just stay happy. You’re on holiday after all – try not to count down the hours until you land.

I is for isle seat. Let the toddler sit in the middle or window seat – don’t let them sit on the isle seat. You do that and you’re officially going to be wresting with a toddler that wants to escape.  If they can’t see the isle then they are less likely to want to get out and run!

J is for juggling – because it’s a skill you learn throughout becoming a parent. You juggle hot tea, chocolate, pens, play dough, the iPad and just basically everything. Unless the toddler sleeps – get ready to juggle!

K is for knowing. Knowing what the f**k to do when your toddler is screeching at the top of their lungs before the plane has even taken off – You’ll figure it out. You kind of have no choice!

L is for lying. Just the little white lies – you know “If you don’t sit still that pilot man is going to come out and tell you off” or ” If you keep looking out the window you might see the moon”. Just little things that’ll motivate them to sit still or to keep t themselves a little more occupied.

M is for me time. It’ll either exist or not exist. There’s pretty much no in between. If the toddler sleeps then grab a drink and a good book – sit back and enjoy the flight. On the other hand if the toddler doesn’t sleep – it’s not going to be quite the ‘me time’ you had maybe imagined.

N is for never again. Until you step off the plane and realise that it wasn’t actually THAT bad and you’ll happily do it all over again.

O is for optimism. Stay optimistic – they’ll be fine. They won’t want to run around like mad. They won’t scream as the plane takes off. They won’t whinge and cry the entirety of the flight. Stay optimistic and hopefully all will be swell.

P is for probability. Your toddler will probably be fine. They will probably want to get up and about. They will probably sleep. They will probably be awake the whole time. You get my point – it’s all down to a whole bunch of ‘maybes’.

Q is for Queen. I’m not sure about you but when my toddler boards a plane, we end up treating her like royalty just to keep the peace. What the toddler wants – the toddler gets. Great parenting right there..

R is for riot. After landing, your particular isle may look as though some form of riot has taken place. In actual fact it’s just crumbs, wrappers and mess that you just can not physically reach within the designated amount of *tiny* leg space.

S is for scruffy. Not only will you feel scruffy yourself whilst traveling with toddlers but they’ll also look end up looking super scruffy.  It’s safe to say you won’t be feeling particularly fresh when you land.

T is for trust. Trust that people are there to help and not to judge. Trust that the majority of people aren’t ‘tut-ing’ if your child is screaming and crying. The majority of people have sympathy towards you. But most of all trust that your child will be fine!

U is for U got this. Okay so a little cheat but honestly – you’ve got this. You know your child inside out – you know how to settle them, how to amuse them and how to parent them! You totally and utterly have got this.

V is for variety. They’ll be a variety of tantrums, good moments, bad moments and moments that you question why you even decided to fly with a toddler. BUT more often than not, they’ll be moments where you think to yourself ‘this isn’t as hard as people say it is’.

W is for winging it. This one speaks for itself – just go ahead and wing it.

X is for XTRA prepared. Okay, that may have been a little bit of a cheat but I can’t possibly think of anything else beginning with X! It honestly is worth while to pack extra of everything you usually take on a day out. Two sets of spare clothes – double the nappies if they’re in nappies, double the treats etc. It’s better to be over prepared rather than under prepared.

Y is for yo-yo-ing – up and down the isle of the plane frantically attempting to get your child to sleep whilst profoundly apologising to everyone you scrape past on the way.

Z is for ZZzzzzzzz. Get them to sleep and it feels as though you’ve won the lottery! Not only that but you get to sit back and enjoy the peace and quiet whilst it lasts.. because it won’t last.

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