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For Daisy’s second birthday we didn’t really throw her a birthday party. We had a few people over for a little lunch at my mums but that was it really. Instead we decided to venture on the two and a half hour drive to go visit CBeebies Land at Alton Towers. We left at 7am in the morning and after a couple of stops along the way, and a little dreaded traffic, we arrived at about 11am! The long drive was worth it when her face lit up at the entrance. ” MUMMY, ANDREW, LOOK. CBEEBIES!” I’m not sure who was more excited though ;). We eased her in with a ‘num tums’ merry-go-round followed by postman pat’s van ride. When looking back at our photo taken during that ride, Andrew definitely looked more excited than Daisy and myself. (Sorry, Andrew!).

We must have chosen a really good day to go to CBeebies Land as the queues for each ride where incredibly short. We were a little worried to begin with that we’d have a stroppy toddler getting (understandably) fed up of waiting to go on an eagerly anticipate ride. But in fact, the longest we waited was about 10 minutes, and she was good as gold. I think she enjoyed the ‘In The Night Garden’ boat ride the most, she loved waving at Upsy Daisy and Iggle Piggle(?). She also then went along to meet Upsy Daisy and gave her a little high five.

We were lucky enough that Daisy decided she wanted to have a sleep in the buggy, this gave us time to head on over to Alton Towers and make the most of our day. Me and Andrew are both ride junkies and with each queue being about 10 minute long, we thought why on earth not?! They do a great system in which if you’re a parent, you take a card with you, get it stamped and then the next one of you that wants to go on can go through fast track save both parents having to queue up separately. We took full advantage of that and then headed back to Cbeebies land for another walk around. It was a great day out and we couldn’t recommend it enough – staff were friendly and welcoming too. It was a little chilly and it rained on and off but we did get some sunshine, so its not all bad!

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  • Ami roberts says:

    Your pictures are beautiful!! Looks like you had a great time 🙂

  • Petite Pudding says:

    Wow CBeebies land looks fab – we keep saying that we will go – your pictures have made me think we really need to get on and do this before our big boy starts reception in September!

  • Lola - Parenting By Numbers says:

    I’m so excited to take my two here even if they are a bit older. That card stamp is a genious idea, thanks for sharing! #TwinklyTuesday

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