Camping in the New Forest

When I mentioned to my family about going camping, I’m pretty sure their first reaction was “WHAT?! Jodie. Camping. Ha”. I like my home comforts when traveling. I like to have a bed, I like to have electricity and fresh towels every morning. I know, I know. I’m awful. Just awful. But when our friends mentioned going camping together I couldn’t help but think it would be tons of fun! So after borrowing some gas hair straighteners from my mum, I decided to suck it up and go! As a kid I used to LOVE camping with my siblings and cousins, so why would it be so different this time just because I didn’t have a place to charge my phone and a real bed? I’m SO glad we decided to go, because we had SO much fun.

I think I’m going to write another post about the basic camping equipment that we took and the logistics of going camping as a family for the first time. Although, if you’re strapped for time but want some equipment suggestions, you might want to check out the outdoor supplies from Teton Sports, designed with camping in mind. Luckily our friends are pro campers so we kind of just set up camp and followed in their lead. The New Forest was beautiful. We live near woodland in Hertfordshire and I used to think it would just be like one huge woodland area – I’d always thought it would be a tad repetitive and boring. But it was far from either. Huge open landscapes and horses that roam free. The horses would make their way into tents that were unzipped and try their luck with scraps of food.

There are a variety of places to walk in the New Forest. We stayed at Ashurst campsite and ended up driving 15 minutes to Hatchet Pond – a lovely area to walk around. We ended our walk with an ice-cream on the green surrounded by Donkeys – what more could you want?! For more information on places to stay and things to do whilst in the New Forest, check out their tourist board website – it has plenty!

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