Creating a blank canvas room

It’s impossible to know where to start when redecorating a room in your home. I remember when I first saw my flat before moving in and everyone commented on what a state it was (It was in a bad way!) but it didn’t bother me because I saw it for it’s potential. I was so excited to get in there and create a blank canvas to work with. The place had no carpets, mouldy ceilings and horrible cracks on some of the walls. The kitchen was bright pink, the living room had awful black wallpaper, Daisy’s bedroom was bright blue and our double bedroom was a horrible brown. It really hadn’t been looked after and needed a bit (LOT) of TLC. So as soon as we go the keys we got started on creating a blank canvas. One of my friends also helped us by recommending some furniture shops because the house was empty when we moved in. Some people might like sourcing their own furniture, but others might want some suggestions. To see one of the furniture providers my friend told me about, click here now if you’d like some inspiration for your new home.

Strip the wallpaper

This is by far my least favourite part of redecorating. I HATE wallpaper – It looks nice once it’s up but I really hate hanging it and despise stripping it. I only recently learnt this. But unfortunately it sometimes has to be done. Purchase some cheap wallpaper stripping solution from a hardware store and then follow the instructions on the back. We also have a hand-held steamer which makes the job a little more tolerable.

Fill in the cracks and sand down any imperfections

Use polyfiller to fill in any cracks that need addressing. This is so that the wall has a nice finish to it so it’s not a waste of time after painting it. Then sand down any imperfections. This could involve peeling paint, bubbled paint, cracks and dents. It’s important to do this so that each wall has a nice finish.

Go crazy with the white

Even if you don’t want to keep it all white, it’s always a good idea to just go straight in for the white. It’s simple, clean and easy to work with. You can then start to build and create your ideal home. I found that I kept my whole flat white for a good few months because it was so refreshing and fun to accessories with accent colours.

Pay the skirting boards some attention

Our skirting boards needed a lot of tender love and care after we moved in. We painted them all with a satin wood white paint as we preferred this to gloss. Gloss is more hard wearing but satin wood has a nice matte finish to it. It also doesn’t smell as strong whilst painting it and doesn’t take long to dry at all.

Go light with the floors and figure out lighting

Wether you decide on carpets or laminate flooring, think about going light. This brightens up your whole living space. Try and go for a hardwearing carpet if you have little ones as it’s easier to clean up any spillages. We have a hardwearing cream carpet and even after almost three years, it’s still going strong! If you were thinking about having lighter flooring fitted, you could always decide to have a look at the different options of wood flooring that companies similar to One Stop provide. They offer a range of styles that will be able to help brighten up your living space and it will be easier to clean up any spillages. Our friends have something similar and they said it works a treat when it comes to cleaning it. Make sure you take your time when it comes to deciding on the type of flooring that you want for your home. Also think about having statement lighting – something really strong and bold. This is great for adding character to a simple/plain room.


Privacy is important! For some reason, it took us a while to get some decent curtains in each room. We’re still in the process of purchasing and having some blinds fitted. Our go-to place for this is usually VELUX. I love their variety of blinds and in particular their children’s range! They have some beautiful Disney themed blinds that we’re looking at purchasing for Daisy’s room! However, if you’re looking for more neutral blinds for your bedroom or anywhere else around your home, you might want to do some research to see if you can find some that match the interior of your house. You might want to look somewhere like shuttercraft for example. Although it is important that the blinds you pick match your furniture and the walls in your home, you also need to ensure that the blinds you pick do the job correctly and block out as much or as little sunlight as you like.

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  • EssexKate says:

    When we moved into our house it had a lot of white every where, when I was younger I hated white, but I love it now and have chosen lots of white furniture to go with it, I’ve then chose a few bits of colour, but it was nice to start from the position of white.

  • Kimberley | Oh Just My Little Blog says:

    We’re in the process of moving house and everything we can afford in the area we like will be ‘in a right state’ too. This has made me feel more confident that we can make it liveable pretty quickly while we save up to do the big stuff x

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