A blank canvas #HomeEtc

A little while ago I moved my desk into our living room as I felt I’d get more work done. It used to be in my bedroom and I’d hardly ever use it, only to do my makeup. The bed was always far too inviting and I’d end up there instead. I’ve decided I want to blog a little more about my home. I live in a two bed flat and to be honest, it was a complete state when we got it. But over the past year we’ve worked really hard to make it our home and I’m so pleased with it. We first painted EVERYTHING white and got cream carpet put in. It was then a complete blank canvas for us to work with. It was so much fun! Now I’m no interior designer, or even close. but I have a lot of fun styling my home. I’m not very good at fashion, but I think the creative eye I lack in clothes, I make up for in home decor (I like to think so anyways!) But at the end of the day everyone has different tastes. Some people may hate my home! But I love it.

I try and keep it minimal. I hate clutter – it’s my worst nightmare and I hate anything that gathers dust. I’m a bit o fa neat freak/clean freak. I know it’s hard with a three year old, but I tend to potter around tidying up after Daisy as she plays. I just can’t help myself! Somedays we do let it slide though and let the place get a bit messy! It turns out that putting my desk in the living room definitely was the right move. I get SO much more work done nowadays. I’m not sure if it’s coincidence or not – but I definitely do. Plus I love nice stationary and so it looks pretty on show! I’m also currently a sucker for greenery. In every blank space of every room there will be some form of a plant – be it real or artificial. It’s there.

I’ll write a list below detailing where everything is from. But I really do love my desk area – it’s fresh and clean – the two things that leave me a clear mind to focus on work. I can’t work with clutter. I’m a little obsessed with the copper theme at the moment and so that’s probably one of the main themes in my living room. Although even looking back at these photos now, I’m not happy with it anymore and want to change something. I get bored really easy. Anyways, I’d love to see your work space?

Wire notice board & large light bulb fairy lights – Sainsbury’s | Hyacinth in lantern planter – Lamberts Flower Company
Rose Gold Notebook – Kate Spade | Desk & Shelves – Ikea
Books – Oliver Bonas | Rug and knitted pouffe – Next
Prints – Home @ John Lewis | Copper desk accessories and photo frame – Home Bargains
Pen pots – Tiger | Throw – Dwell


  • Caro | The Twinkle Diaries says:

    Aaah it looks like SUCH a fun space to get all creative and do your work in!! I’m DEFINITELY more productive since I’ve sorted out my working area. High fiving you on your lovely work-space! Cxx #HomeEtc

  • Nicky Kentisbeer says:

    It looks fab and I love the minimalist look. Especially in a work area – that’s really hard to achieve. I love your ideas. I’m a bit of a tidy one too, although of late I seem to veer between tidy and totally untidy. This is a transition we are looking to make by moving the PC into a spare room and working there. Enjoy your space #HomeEtc

  • Jodie says:

    I am super jealous of your work space. It’s amazing! And so so pretty.

  • http://themummystylist.com says:

    You’ve got a lovely workspace there, minimilist does look stylish doesn’t it. I’m trying to keep my desk looking tidy, it’s hard though! Good idea with the shelves above to put your bits and bobs on. I really like the copper paperclips and the pen pots 😀

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