Baulk Wood, Bedfordshire

Baulk Wood is a beautiful area of woodland that I came across not so long ago after a friend recommended going. We went back during the first week of the summer holidays to enjoy the glorious sunshine and take a slow stroll around (Whilst also discreetly hiding chocolate that the ‘fairies’ left for the girls to find). Baulk Wood used to be a rubbish dump in the 1960s but thankfully was restored to this gorgeous open space during the 80s. They are slowly developing it, whilst keeping natural play in mind, to encourage children to enjoy their surroundings and use their imaginations when it comes to play. As you wander about, there is a gorgeous little stream, perfect for paddling in – so don’t forget wellies or some form of water shoes – then further along you’ll find some beautiful carved wooden animals and beams to balance on.

You’ll also find lots of longs, benches and stepping stones – things to hide behind, jump from and climb on. You may even spot a few dens as it’s encouraged that children have fun making dens with the fallen branches. During the summer, Baulk Wood would be a great place to take a picnic – you’d just have to wander a little bit to ensure you find some shade if it’s a hot day. There are also picnic benches if you’d prefer use though.

With it being a short drive away, we definitely recommend taking a wander around Baulk Wood. They have a small car park which is completely free, and lots of wildlife/bugs for children to explore. Well worth a little afternoon or morning trip out.

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