I don’t really talk about Andrew much on my blog. And I have no idea why. Well, I have a slight idea. It might be because I’ve always been scared about what my followers will think of me due to the fact that he is not Daisy’s biological dad. I had broken up with a long term partner and was in a pretty dark place (so cliche) and that’s when I was blessed to find Andrew. And then after finding Andrew and instantly knowing how special he would become in my life, I was blessed again to find out I was pregnant. Just not with his baby. Andrew stepped up and said he wouldn’t treat the baby any differently. He wouldn’t leave me. He would help me, he would be there for me and he would be a step father to he or she. I felt so blessed, I really thought he would run a mile. That’s when I knew how lucky I was!

During my pregnancy he was there for me. He bought me little gift bags full of things to help me feel better. He ran me baths when I felt rubbish and he bought a car so that we could get around easily. He cooked wonderful meals for me and he treated me like a full on princess! Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like a fairytale, every couple has their down points and every couple has bad days or bad weeks. Daisy was born and he was there, sharing the night feeds with me, taking Daisy out so that I could rest, looking at Daisy like she was his own.

Basically. I feel as though I couldn’t be luckier if I tried. I have no reason to be embarrassed about my situation. So yes, this is Andrew he is wonderful.




  • Heather Duncan says:

    You shouldn’t be embarrassed at all, in life you are so very lucky to find such a guy who would be so understanding and loving with you especially when you find out you are having a baby. He sounds like a great man 🙂 keep hold of him! X

    • dearlittledaisy says:

      Thank you Heather, that’s so true, I will definitely keep hold of him 🙂 x

  • 🙂 Life is messy and beautiful, isn’t it!?

    • dearlittledaisy says:

      It sure is! x

  • Amelia says:

    Your so very blessed! Beautiful piece once again! Is Daisy’s biological father your ex long term partner?

    • dearlittledaisy says:

      Thank you Amelia 🙂 and no, unfortunately he isn’t, it’s another ‘brief’ partner between the two – sounds silly, but being in a rough and dark place I guess these things can happen! x

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