An interview with a 2 year old

So its 22:02 on a Monday evening and my lovely little lady won’t go to sleep. Instead she’s sat up next to me in bed and chatting away. I thought I’d try and ask her a few questions for a little mini ‘interview’. It didn’t work out as well as I had hoped but I’ll post below what I got from her anyways. She’s a funny little character and although my last post talks about how hard parenting is and how difficult she is at the moment, she is also super wonderful. It’s days like today that make me feel guilty for complaining about how tough she’s been. She’s been a joy today. Chatting and nattering away, playing nicely, giving lots of hugs and cuddles. A few days ago I thought we was doomed! She reluctantly answered my questions anyways:

Who is your best friend? Aunty Ellie.  oh.. no! Best friend Zoe Zebra *Nods frantically* 

What is your favourite food?  Snap crackle pops

What is your favourite thing to watch on TV?  Peppa Pig open toys

*Yawns* I’m bit tired mummy. Just little bit.

What is mummy’s favourite food? Bicycle mummy my little bicycle

What is your favourite toy?  Zoe Zebra

What does mummy like doing? Zoe Zebra and lots of work

What shall we do tomorrow? …Uuum no mummy

What is mummy’s job? Cup…

What does mummy like to drink? Little cup of tea

What is your favourite thing to do? Zoe Zebra

Are you going to go to sleep now?  No mummy not tired. Crab, crab, crab.

Earlier, as Andrew left to go to his mum’s we decided to let Daisy have a 5 minute run around under this huge tree by our flats. It’s one of those trees that for some reason we call ‘swingy trees’. The branches all bunch together and hang just a few centimetres from the grass leaving you with a teepee effect. Those trees always remind me of childhood. I remember summer evenings, running around with my friends and swinging on the branches. My hands would turn red and sore from holding on so tight, but it was fun. I loved those days. Everything felt safe – you don’t see many kids out playing on their own anymore, the world is too scary and unsafe.

Sometimes I worry what kind of world we are bringing our children into. I want to hold Daisy close and never let her out of my sight. Obviously I can’t do that and it’s unhealthy to do so. But I’m sure there are so many other parents that feel the same. I worry when Daisy goes to school. I worry that she won’t make friends, or that she won’t fit in. Kids can be mean. I worry that she won’t like school. I worry that she will talk too much. I worry that she’ll be mean. or that they’ll be mean. I worry about everything, but I think that’s the thing when you’re a parent. You tend to claim a profound worrying imagination that will stay with you until your very last moments.

One of the most important things is to try not to worry. Worrying tends to ruin the moment and as we are living  in the good old days, we don’t want to look back and regret all the unnecessary anxiety. Easier said than done though, ehh?! One day they’ll create a ‘switch off’ button and all will be well.

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  • Jade says:

    Oh this is so funny! She obviously loves Zoe Zebra and her cheeky little grin in the pictures is just too cute. I love willow trees, they’re probably one of my favourite, lots of childhood memories xx

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