A day out at Legoland

A few days ago we took Daisy and her older cousin, Ryan, to Legoland. Daisy’s aunty had wanted to take Ryan for a while and so we thought we’d make a day of it and take a 1 hour road trip up to Windsor. I had visions in my head of how it used to be, but my goodness has it got bigger. Either that or I just don’t remember it properly! There is so much to do. The queue to get in was long, but it went down so quick. We got a two for one voucher after buying a train ticket so that saved us half the price. The lady taking our tickets thought I was a child which was a little annoying (or funny), I always get mistaken for looking younger (about 19) but not a child! She even gave me a wrist band that she gives to the children! I explained to her I’m 25. One day I’ll appreciate the fact I look young – hopefully. Anyways!

After getting our caffeine fix we went for a little walk to see what we could find. We kind of followed the map, but kind of didn’t. The first place we went was the mini land. I remember this part vaguely from being a child and visiting with my family. It’s a while village made from lego! You can spot London, France, Italy, Thailand and so many more countries. It’s such a great thing to see. The detailing and thought process that has gone into creating these mini villages and cities is just insane. You really could wander around this mini land for hours and find something new every time. We then decided it was time to eat and so headed to the nearest restaurant we could find. We found one called Farmer Joe’s Chicken Company which was absolutely delicious. The prices weren’t as bad as I had imagined and the food was just.. yum! Daisy was a little rascal at this point, she ate her lunch but then threw tantrum after tantrum. Terrible twos are so incredibly hard but you can guarantee that there’s other children throwing tantrums nearby too, so you end up not feeling as bad/embarrassed!

We then thought we’d find the train (Legoland Express) that we kept seeing driving around. The kids absolutely love trains and so they both desperately wanted to go on it. The waiting time for the queue was 45 minutes, which was a little terrifying, but we took the risk and it went down really fast – it didn’t feel like 45 minutes at all! Daisy threw a few tantrums, but considering the wait she was actually pretty well behaved. Ryan was as good as gold. The queue was also under shelter so you weren’t hit by the scorching sun! It was a short ride, but it was still fun. They squirt water as the train goes past – Andrew ducked out of the way and one squirt hit me right in the eye! Thanks Andrew. We then watched a little bit of the Ninjago show which had to be cut short because one of the actors was poorly.

We then grabbed an ice lolly and decided to queue up for the boating school! This was my personal favourite of the day! It was short and went rather quickly, but it was worth the one hour wait. We raced against Daisy’s aunty and Ryan, whilst having our own little game of ‘bumper boats’. It was pretty fun and we definitely won 😉 Ryan then went and got his little drivers licence! I remember the driving schools from going when I was a kid, it’s crazy how different it looks from an adult’s point of view though. Daisy cried because she wanted to have a go but she was too little. I told her we’d take her back when she was older to have a go! We started to wander towards the exit and stopped off for the Balloon School ride (which was fun), you can pull a string which takes you higher and when you release you go lower. We grabbed some food from the The Pirates burger kitchen – kids eat free after 6 when you purchase an adults meal! We then left via the gift shop.

It was a great day and I couldn’t recommend Legoland enough! We didn’t have enough time to do everything we wanted to. The day went so quick!

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  • Ioanna says:

    Sounds like such a lovely day out (despite the tantrums), beautiful photos as always xx

    Ioanna | hearing.co.uk ?

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