DIY baby headband

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I absolutely love these baby turbans I always see! I think little baby girls look absolutely adorable in cute chunky headbands. The ones I like aren’t too expensive but I feel like I would benefit from making my own in a little bit of a budget kind of style. I’m not very good at sewing, I’ve never really done anything like this before (apart from make a few baby bandana bibs which I’ll share the tutorial soon for). But this is SO easy! My first attempt was a little rushed because Daisy was napping, but with a bit of time and a bit of patience anyone can do this! All you need is an old jersey t-shirt, some thread and a needle, some scissors and that’s pretty much it. 

First things first, you need an old Jersey t-shirt. This one I bought from Primark for £3.

 photo IMG_5269copy_zps6d774694.jpg

 photo IMG_5270copy_zps96f66c90.jpg

 photo IMG_5272copy_zpsc576bb2c.jpg

As you can see from my photo the way I sewed the outside last little bit up isn’t so good. But next time when I have more time and aren’t too rushed it will be a lot neater! If you want to make a turban as opposed to a headband with a bow, sew the end together completely and then go ahead and do the next step (below). 

 photo IMG_5273copy_zps2c4d74cf.jpg

This is your bow option: 

 photo IMG_5278copy_zps80dd00ce.jpg

& this is your turban option. I think the turban option can look a lot neater and is also a little bit easier. 

 photo IMG_5281copy_zps97f831a6.jpg photo IMG_5283copy_zps42f2fdf7.jpg

Enjoy! And don’t forget to share with me any that you make yourselves. 

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