6 reasons why you should visit Turkey

The people

Some of the nicest people I’ve met are Turkish. You’ll come across the odd pushy marketing man swooshing his ‘genuine fake’ perfumes in your face, but with the exception of those guys, you’ll meet so many genuinely lovely people. People that will go out of their way to help you – I know it’s the same in a lot of places, but I’ve found that Turks in particular are just super kind. We’d walk along a strip of restaurants and everyone would ask Daisy what her name was – 3 days later and they’d still remember her name and face! A lot of the shops will give out free key-rings to little ones and taxi drivers give out free fruit after a journey. It’s little things – The turks make you feel welcomed into their country.

The culture

If you’re looking for somewhere that’s a little different from the rest of Europe then Turkey is the place. Every place is obviously different but there’s something that draws us back to Turkey, time and time again. It’s beautiful and we’re forever stumbling upon hidden treasures gilla det. It has it’s main tourist attractions, beaches and towns but when you take time to wander further or hop on a bus (Dolmus) then you’ll find random towns and parts of Turkey that are hidden away from tourists. This is where you’ll find the true Turkey. Eastern Turkey has hardly any tourists, it’s said to have the best food and stunning landscapes.

The food

The food in Turkey is just AMAZING. It has Eastern, Asian and European influences and when you find the right place to eat then you’ll be in for an absolutely delicious meal. I can  hands down say that the best meal I’ve ever had was in Turkey (apart from the pizza we had in Rome – obviously haha). It was a beautiful traditional Turkish restaurant, hidden away from the main harbour front. Pretty much every meal will come with a starter of free ‘puff bread’ and garlic dip (delicious!).

The hospitality

I’m thinking about doing a whole separate post and the Turkish hospitality – it’s that good. We’ve been coming back to the same apartments for over 15 years. Dr Can (pronounced Jon) and his family are absolutely amazing and I couldn’t recommend them enough. He will bend over backwards to help you out where and when he can. We see them as our Turkish family and I probably think they are a huge part of the reason we travel back to Turkey almost every year. The Turks will go out of their way to see that we’re okay – out of all the places I’ve been, Turkey definitely holds the top spot for best hospitality.

The exchange rate

The exchange rate in Turkey at the moment is amazing. So on average we’d spend about 120 Turkish Lira at dinner for Andrew, Daisy and me. 120 Turkish Lira translates to about £30 – amazing, right?! That meal would include 2 courses for me and Andrew, 3 mains and then a desert for Daisy. We got so much for our money and definitely over budgeted. We had money at the end of the holiday in which we had to spend and didn’t know what on – so we ended up just tipping everyone haha.

For it’s beauty

Turkey is quite simply beautiful. That alone is enough to visit. With turquoise water and golden sand, boiling hot sun and amazing food – what more could you want? We recommend Turtle beach in Dalyan, Olu Deniz beach (head to blue lagoon!) and Butterfly Valley. They’re three of the best beaches when you fly to Dalaman airport. Fethiye is the place to eat, especially at night when you overlook the harbour. There are tons of boat trips that’ll take you out to stunning beaches and beautiful bays. There’s so much to do and so much to see.

Return flights to Turkey from London start at as little as £160 pp.



  • Annette, 3 Little Buttons says:

    So many great reasons to visit Turkey. It looks like a stunning place, and yes, the food is so yummy. We are really lucky to be surrounded by top Turkish restaurants where we are in London, so we get a little taste of it’s soul, even though we haven’t visited in person. #DreamTeam x

  • Kim Carberry says:

    Turkey looks and sounds like such a wonderful place to visit….I think I would if I had the money x

  • Busy Working Mummy says:

    I’ve never been but actually maybe I should put it on my list after this post! It looks beautiful #bestandworst

  • Mummy Setra says:

    Great post – it’s a hard one as a few years ago I would have definitely visited, but now i’m not so sure from a safety point of view with the little one! Looks great though!

  • Sarah Howe says:

    I loooove Turkey for all these reasons but I have to admit we have been put off going as much due to all the negativity over there :-(. I do feel sad about this though. I miss that food and heat! Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst xx

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