5 ways to save for your dream holiday

5 ways to save for your dream holiday:

Apart from Andrew not getting enough annual leave from his job, saving money is the main reason we don’t travel as much as we’d like to. We are both absolutely rubbish at saving money. It doesn’t help that we tend to just blow it all on holidays and days out here, there and everywhere. But over the past year we’ve become a lot better at saving our money. We’ve found little ways of putting money aside so that we have enough to travel yet aren’t scraping by at home when we’re not away. I really like things. Just nice things. Which isn’t good for the bank account – but with a little motivation each month, these are the things I’ve been doing to make sure we have money behind us. I also wrote a post a little while ago about how I afford to travel – with more tips on getting a good deal for your holiday.

A penny a day

One of our ways to save money is a slow process but it definitely works. Put a penny in a jar on day 1. On day 2 put 2p in and then up it by a penny each day. You won’t save thousands but you’ll save a good chunk within a year that’ll help perhaps be your holiday spending money! It’s actually quite a fun way of saving – I always find I need saving to be a little interesting, otherwise I end up not being able to save anything at all. You could also do the same but start with £1 then add another £1 for each day. Obviously by the end of the year you’ll be adding in a lot of money each day – but it’s another fun way of saving!

Be a little more money savvy

Be a little more wary of what you’re spending your money on. Is it something you absolutely need? or something you just would quite like? This is what I think every time I pick up a new t-shirt or jumper. It’s not necessarily something I need, so why do I want to spend my money on it? Will I be bored of it within a week or two? Another little change I’ve made is where I shop. We used to shop in Tesco (and still do most of the time) but when we want to save a little more money within a month, we shop at Aldi. We get a lot more for our money that way and it definitely allows us to save a little more than usual.

Grow your money

Another one of our ways to save is financially beneficial. A great way of saving specifically for holidays is to create a separate account solely for holiday savings. Make sure that each month you put a little in the fund, ready for your next trip. Even if it’s not much – it still all adds up. Whilst doing this, it’s important to make sure you’re earning good interest on your holiday savings. A lot of banks currently offer incredibly poor returns on savings, but there are some fab alternatives out there. ISAs for peer-to-peer lending is a little riskier but it offers reliable returns int he region of 5 per cent. It’s well worth looking into.

Take out cash

This is a biggie for me. Something that has really helped me save within the past year. My nan told me to try getting out money for each week and putting it in an envelope – that way I know exactly what I’m spending. It’s so easy to keep on spending on your debit card and a lot of the money doesn’t come straight out, leaving you with the impression that you’ve got more than you actually have. I find that I only use cash nowadays and it’s incredibly helpful in my mission to not overspend!

Free days out

We used to go all out on days out as a family. We now spend a lot of time looking at fun and free things to do locally instead. This helps us save up more of our money for going on holiday and we still always end up having just as much fun. There are many places you can look online for local free attractions but even just a walk to the park or to feed the ducks is just as much fun! We went to a splash park a little while ago – they’re fab days out and completely free. Pack a picnic to save even more money!

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