5 tips for styling a feature wall

A little while ago we decided that the living room needed to change. With each coming week I tend to get a little agitated and eager to move something around or paint something a different colour. It’s not necessarily that I get bored with how a room looks, but more that I really enjoy being creative and switching things up a little. I’d seen navy walls around Instagram and Pinterest and thought it’d just be something I could enjoy from afar. I’m quite an impulsive person and so when we had nothing to do one afternoon I took Daisy to B&Q to pick up some paint. Obviously I couldn’t resist the gorgeous navy blues. It took four coats of paint but I’m so pleased with the outcome. It looks just how I’d pictured it and works so well with our copper accessories. Now I had the base – the gorgeous navy colour – it was time for the fun part! – styling it all! Here are my top 5 tips for styling a feature wall.

Pick the base

Once you’ve decided what wall is going to be your feature wall it’s time to decide on the base. Remember that before picking what wall you’re going to be styling, it’s important to not just pick any random ol’ wall. I’ve chosen to use the wall in which my fireplace would be as the main feature for the room. The wall opposite probably would not have worked as effectively as there’s no depth to it. You then need to decide what kind of colour you’re going to be going for or what wallpaper you want to pick. Try to pick something that’ll match with your current furniture or is easy to accessories. There’s no point picking bright pink if your furniture is brown. Also try to consider that you don’t want too much of one colour in one room. So if your furniture is all brown, you don’t want to paint your feature wall brown too. I went with navy as my room is white with copper accessories and a cream sofa.

Add some green

I don’t care what anyone else says. Greenery brings a room to life. It doesn’t matter what colour, what style or size of your room.. adding a simple green plant really does add a nice pop. I get annoyed because my sister has recently moved and she really needs a plant but won’t put one in her house. (Sorry Ellie haha) I may just buy some and slowly sneak them in one by one. I’ve found that greenery works really well with this navy blue wall. I’ve added a tall (fake) bamboo plant in the corner as it just really brings the feature wall to life. I also have a few on our Ikea KALAX unit and the windowsill. I’ve also added some fairy lights to my bamboo plant after seeing one of my friends do the same. (Thanks Steph!)

Experiment & mix it up

Find what works well colour wise. I’ve noticed that copper and rose gold work really well with navy and so I’ve managed to style it with little bursts of copper. We have a copper clock from Tesco which seems to really suit the wall and looks pretty next to our IKEA shelves. I’ve also places a few pots of copper stationary on the shelves and a copper photo frame (all from B&M). It’s all about experimenting. Sometimes I’ll move things around temporarily just to see if I like it for a few days. If after a while I still decide it doesn’t work, then I just move it all back. If you’ve chosen a bright colour or wallpaper as your feature wall then consider having white or black accessories. If you’ve chosen something that’s a little neutral (such as cream or white) consider brighter coloured accessories to make the wall pop / come to life.

Don’t forget windows

It’s so easy to ignore the windows in your living area. But in the same sense it’s so easy to go overboard and cramp as much on as you can. I hate when windowsills are too cluttered. I tend to put a plant in the middle and perhaps a candle. I’ll then focus on the curtains or blinds instead of accessories. We currently have grey curtains and no blinds (which I really don’t like) but where we have two windows in our living room – one small and one huge – it’s hard to find matching curtains and blinds the fit well. We absolutely love the idea of having roof windows and really would love our next house to have some. Particularly because we really would like some gorgeous Disney VELUX blinds for Daisy’s room.

Don’t hesitate too much

It’s so easy to spend months pondering over how something will look. The best thing to do is to just do it and if you end up not liking it you can simple change it again. Whenever I make a bold move I always think, well if it goes wrong, it’s not the end of the world.. it’s just a wall. Likelihood is that this time next year the wall won’t be navy blue anymore. It’ll probably be reverted back to white (you can never have too much white) or be wallpapered over. Is there something you’ve been itching to change but a little hesitant to actually do it? Why not take the plunge and go for it?

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    Hello Jodie, the tips you have given for styling featured wall that all are amazing. The next thing is the images you posted about the decorative thing is much better, it look nice. Thanks for sharing.

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