5 things I hate about photography

I will quite often state how much I love my job because I genuinely do. I alway used to run my photography business as a side line way of making money. At the beginning of the year I decided to quit my day job and focus solely on photography. I haven’t looked back since! It’s something I LOVE doing and I’m so grateful that I get to call this my job – quite often it feels as though it’s not even work. That being said, there are factors of photography that really bug me! Some trivial, some not so trivial. But I thought I’d gather them all up and put them into a blog post. Andrew helped me with this post because he’s started doing a little photography on the side line and he’s noticed a few pet peeves too. Plus we are typically English and love a good moan here and there!

5 things I hate about photography


You’re probably thinking – “What on earth have elbows got to do with photography?” But let me tell you.. elbows are very very annoying. Mostly at weddings and events do they become a little bit of an obstacle. Sometimes people will follow photographers around and attempt to snap photos with their iPhone behind us. That’s not a problem – I’m happy for anyone to do that! What gets a little frustrating is when they get a little too close and you end up constantly elbowing them and saying “oh, sorry” every 5 seconds. I’m usually being paid to get the best photos I possibly can so it can be a bit frustrating when someone is constantly in your way.

 “Oh I’ll just do it myself”

I know that not everybody will want to hire a photographer to take photos. That’s absolutely fine! What I don’t like is when people get in touch, we talk, arrange a date, talk about what they’d like and so on. To then be told “Actually, I think I’m just going to try take them myself”. I am a fully qualified photographer. My prices are reasonable and it’s comparable to saying to a professional builder “Ohh, I’m just going to build my conservatory myself”.

Full time for part time money

I love work and I’ve always been one to love sitting of an evening and working on my laptop. But some weeks it can feel as though I’m working full time but for part time money. So much goes on behind the scenes! It’s not quite as quick/simple as taking photos and then sending them over. There’s so much more that goes into being a photographer (I think I’ll save the details for another post!). Things such as: Preparing the night before, shooting long days, editing until early hours of the morning, sending files over, talking to clients, keeping active on social media – the list goes on. One thing I’m not great at is charging what my work is worth. I have low self esteem and so I’m usually told I should be charging more! I’ll get there one day.


This is probably my least favourite thing about photography. Not everyone gets it but my goodness do I get it! I suffer a lot with repetitive strain injury in my wrists, thumbs and fingers. This is from constantly retouching on photoshop and sometimes through writing blog posts. I have tried gloves, medication and anything else that’s been recommended. But if I work too hard then I really do suffer! Sometimes it gets so bad that it hurts to change gears whilst driving.

“I love your camera”

No.No.No.. just no. This is such a huge insult and it’s something I’ve written about before here. It really is the worst thing you can say to a photographer. It’s not the camera but it’s the work that goes into learning how photography works and developing a creative eye. It’s taken me so long to get to where I am and to say that you love my camera instead of my photography can be very upsetting! Some people say it without even realising what it means – so I can’t get too annoyed about it! But next time you say you love a photographers camera, try rewording it to – I love your photographs!

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