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A little while ago we were invited by Visit Wiltshire to stay in the beautiful Drover’s barn (which I recently blogged about) and spend a couple of days exploring the area. We love finding new places within the UK and discovering hidden gems. Wiltshire was definitely one of them. We stayed in a little village called Shrewton and thoroughly enjoyed spending two days exploring the sights that Wiltshire has to offer. If you’re looking for a little break in the countryside, with plenty to do with the little ones, then we definitely recommend taking some time to visit Wiltshire. Here are 5 reasons to plan your next trip here!

1. Gold Hill, Shaftesbury

Recognise this Hovis advert from 1973? This is recorded on the beautiful ‘Gold Hill’ in the gorgeous little town of Shaftesbury. Even though we both weren’t born when the advert was created, we somehow still knew it existed and found it really interesting visiting the hill whilst awkwardly posing for a photo. Daisy was too scared to walk down it (I’m thinking she was just tired – it wasn’t scarily steep.. honest) but I managed to get a few photos before we went for a little walk around the village. It’s very pretty and picturesque with cobbled streets, traditional buildings and beautiful little coffee shops. There’s also a garden area which is great for picnics in the summer.

2. Salisbury

Salisbury was named as one of the world’s Top 10 Cities to visit in 2015 by Lonely Planet and we can definitely see why. Salisbury is known as the city in the countryside – it really is beautifully picturesque and puts our local town to shame! I hadn’t managed to get any photos of Salisbury as I *very* stupidly forgot our spare battery pack and the current one had ran out. In a way it was nice as we could just simply explore without having to worry so much about taking photos. I think Andrew found it a little less stressful without me asking to stop and pose for a photo every 10 minutes! It’s a lovely little town with the most picturesque and traditionally english buildings. We enjoyed wandering around the little streets and stopping off for a coffee before heading back to our accommodation. It’s definitely a very pretty and relaxed town – perfect if you’re visiting Wiltshire.

3. Stonehenge

We’ve drove straight past stonehenge a few times so it was nice to be staying just a 5 minute drive away from it. We had a little something to eat and a drink in the very spacious cafe which was lovely. We then drove past Stonehenge and managed to point it out to Daisy. She had absolutely no idea what we were talking about –  I think she was more interested in the sweets we’d just handed her. If you’ve travelled quite far and you haven’t seen Stonehenge before then we’d definitely recommend buying tickets and getting a close look. We’ve both been before and  thoroughly enjoyed it!

4. Larmer Tree Gardens

So, Andrew hasn’t proposed to me. We don’t have any immediate plans of him asking. BUT when we walked into Larmer tree gardens we both agreed that this would be the place for us. Before exploring the grounds we decided to have a bite to eat in their cafe. It was so cosy and incredibly cute – with friendly staff and a basket full of toys to keep children amused. Daisy thoroughly enjoyed colouring in and playing with the disney princesses from the toy box. We typically had tea and crumpets (so very English of us) and enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere.

The gardens are gorgeous. We wandered around and fell in love with the Roman Temple (you can see this pictured). It took a whole lot of persuasion in an attempt to pull Daisy away from the temple. She proclaimed it her princess castle and played in there for a good hour – simply roleplaying that she was the queen and was making us both dinner. It’s funny how sometimes the simplest things are the ones that really keep their attention. There’s lots to explore in the gardens – not to mention the wandering peacocks and tiny fairy doors dotted around too!

5. Miles of countryside

It was quite a long drive for us (we’re in Hertfordshire) taking about 3 hours – but we both agreed that actually it wasn’t a bad drive. On the way further into Wiltshire the views are beautiful. The countryside goes on for miles and no matter how far along we would drive, it never seems to end. We’ve always said we’d love to live in the countryside – this trip has definitely confirmed that for us. You can read a little more about where we stayed in Shrewton via a recent blog post. We really recommend Drover’s barn as it’s completely tucked away yet so central at the same time. We thoroughly enjoyed visiting the little pigs in the morning and getting a real feel for true country life. We’ve put together a short video of our stay in Wiltshire if you’d like to have a little watch below.

This is a collaborative post. We worked with Visit Wiltshire and therefore was provided with accommodation and attraction tickets. All words and opinions are 100% honest. Follow Visit Wiltshire online: 

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  • Helena says:

    Wiltshire is a lovely place. I love your photos and vt so dreamy like they are straight out of a catalogue x #MyFamilyAdventures

  • mandy says:

    Oh wow beautiful photos and it looks like you guys had a wonderful time!

  • http://lifeasourlittlefamily.com/ says:

    Oh my goodness, such a beautiful post and your gorgeous words describe it so beautifully. I agree that would be a lovely wedding venue and I remember that street from the advert. I will be adding Wiltshire to the list it really does look so beautiful. I adore your video, so beautifully captured and edited. Thank you so much for joining in with #MyFamilyAdventures x

  • Debbie says:

    I need to visit Larmer tree gardens. We live on the border close to Wiltshire so often pop to Salisbury and drive past Stonehedge. The countryside there is wonderful.

    Debbie x http://www.hellodeborah.co.uk

  • Kate says:

    Nice blog but Do you realise gold hill Shaftesbury is Dorset not Wiltshire …

    • dearlittledaisy says:

      Yes – but it’s still something nice to do whilst you’re in Wiltshire 🙂 It didn’t take long to get there at all.

  • Chloe: Picture Taker Memory Maker says:

    I’ve not really explored Wiltshire – the only place I’ve been to is Marlborough as my Dad lived there before he passed away. I’ve always wanted to visit Stonehenge though, so we’ll definitely be paying a proper visit at some point. And I had no idea the Hovis Hill was there – the ad was before I was born too but there’s just something so quintessentially English about it isn’t there?! Gorgeous photos of you and your girl 🙂

  • Http://lifewithpinkprincesses.co.uk says:

    We have family living in Wiltshire. It’s easily my favourite place in the uk. We just got back from. Glamping trip in Salisbury. Pure peaceful heaven.

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