5 reasons to travel with your children

It’s so easy to be put off travelling when you have children. I had major plans of travelling, then when Daisy came along people felt a little sorry for me. Sorry because I couldn’t fulfil those dreams. In retrospect, we’ve travelled more since having Daisy. She’s been to 5 different countries before the age of 3. By the end of this year it’ll be 8, maybe 9. She’s been on several staycations – North, South, East and West of England. Our love for travelling is definitely rubbing off on her – she will quite often ask if we are going on holiday and demand we get on a plane! Oh how I wish we had endless amounts of money to do just that! We’re quite good at finding the right holiday and the right time, we may put a post up soon with some tips on budgeting for a family holiday abroad. I don’t proclaim to be one of those amazing travel blogger who travels all over the world with a backpack and child in tow (I wish!). But I LOVE writing about travel and I want to focus this blog on flexibility whilst travelling with children. How you can travel throughout the year with affordable prices and easy journeys.There are so many reasons to travel with your children, here’s just a few.

It’s fun

I mean it’s fun  travelling with a partner – it’ fun travelling by yourself. It’s fun just on a day out in your local area with family. But travelling abroad with children is SO much fun. You get to see the world through their eyes and you get to see what they take interest in. We find that if we went away without Daisy then we’d end up staying in bed ’til quite late. At least with Daisy with us we end up getting up and out the door pretty early. It’s also nice because we cherish the moments when she naps (haha). It means we can sit down with a coffee and relax. It’s nice as sunbathing holidays seem to go out the window and instead we end up exploring and finding new towns/sights/cities.

To see them grow

Each time we go away, Daisy’s confidence grows. It’s the freedom of being away and in new surroundings. I feel as though she thrives when somewhere new. She can explore things she hasn’t explored before. She can learn and be taught. We all get a little swept up with the comfort of work, preschool and home life. It’s nice to see her burst with life when we go abroad. Everything is so exciting to her and she makes the most out of every little moment. Obviously we still have tantrums and grumpy moments – but we definitely have less of them than usual.

Photo opportunities

A bit of a shallow one but being a photographer I can’t help but find this a pretty good factor for traveling. We LOVE taking photos as a family and so put us in a pretty location with sun and beautiful weather, and you’ll find us in our element. I have so many photos of Daisy traveling to show her when she’s older. I can’t wait for her to turn around one day and say “Yes! I remember the time we did that!”

To educate them

I don’t want the idea of traveling to be something alien to my children. I want Daisy to always know that she can go where she pleases. (Obviously to an extend). I hope that this love of travel passes on down to her – I hope she gives her children the same experiences she’s been luck to have. If not, then so be it. It’s not something I will ever subtly force on her. But as we travel, we enforce and teach how to be safe. It’s a scary world out there – anything could happen anywhere at any time. But that shouldn’t stop us from seeing what is out there.

Just because!

Why not!? Money the problem? Simple – save and budget so that you can afford something. There are so many cheap holidays abroad – you just have to find it at the right time in the right place. What helped me afford to go on more holidays a year was to stop buying things I didn’t need. If there was a top for £20 that I wanted but didn’t need, then I just wouldn’t buy it. Instead of buying takeaway, I’d just cook. The money adds up and if it’s being saved then it’s there for holidays. So why not travel with your children? It’s fun, it’s educational and I’m certain it’s good for the soul ; )

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  • Rhyming with Wine says:

    I think that holidays and quality time together as a family are so important and I think we’re lucky to have such accessibility to the world now. You definitely see familiar destinations in a whole new light when you travel with a little one don’t you? Everything is such an adventure! Thanks for sharing with #DreamTeam x

  • Emily and Indiana says:

    I loveee traveling with ours, and we’re actually off on our family holiday on Monday! A lot of people are worried about the travel part, but it’s so short in comparison to the fun you’ll have when you get there isn’t it! I love a good photo op too haha xx

  • Www.babiesandbeauty.com says:

    Completely agree, we love getting away on a plane and for us it’s a must for our boys. I was fortunate with my parents I got to visit some really beautiful places so I hope to be able to give my sons the same.

  • mandy says:

    Beautiful photos! We will certainly do more travelling around when she’s a little older.


  • Emma says:

    Ah this is a lovely post and you make a good point. I’ve not done a huge amount of traveling with the children, but I’m not a huge traveller myself but it’s lovely to think like you do, of educating the kids with different cultures and experiences. x

  • www.littlebandme.co.uk says:

    I was once told there was no point taking kids away at this age because they won’t remember it & its a waste of money.
    I beg to differ, B remembers all his little trips to the seaside & theme park!

    I want him to experience everything possible, it makes them grow & gives them a chance of new life experiences

  • Kelly-Anne Combes http://www.mimiroseandme.com says:

    What beautiful photos. I couldn’t agree more about the travelling with children. I couldn’t even think about going anywhere without my little one in tow.

  • www.lifewithboys.co.uk says:

    Can I ask what lenses you used in these photos; I always love your photography! Ps, yes to the traveling with babies, I agree with everything!

    • dearlittledaisy says:

      Aw thank you! I use a 50mm 1.4 🙂 I can’t recommend it enough!! xx

  • Jade + http://www.capturedbyjade.co.uk says:

    All great tips… I would definitely be interested in a post re: budgeting tips for a family holiday abroad. And as always, gorgeous photos included here.

  • kristin mccarthy says:

    If you can swing it- do it. You dont get this time back.

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