5 reasons to love Hitchin Lavender field

Hitchin lavender field and why we love it:

I only discovered Hitchin lavender field a few years ago – but I’m so glad I did. There is something so relaxing and tranquil when walking through a field of lavender. We now make sure that we pay a yearly trip there (if not at least once, then twice). There’s many reasons why I love this place in particular so I thought I’d share a few. To gain access to the farm you pay £5 and receive a bag with some scissors. You can then fill your bag to the brim with lavender to take home. You can also head on over to the wildflowers and pick some of those, along with sunflowers for 50p a stem. We’re big fans of Hitchin lavender field and so here’s 5 reasons why!

The relaxing benefits

We’re all mostly aware that the essential oil of lavender can be useful for treating anxiety, insomnia, depression, and restlessness – so what better than walking through a beautiful HUGE field of lavender? We’ve been a few times where the smell is strong – I’m not a keen fan of lavender smells in the home, but for some reason I LOVE the smell of it whilst at the lavender field. We find it’s usually busier at the front of the fields so we head towards the back and find it very peaceful. The field is SO huge that even when it is busy, it never really feels it. Hitchin lavender field is incredibly relaxing – even during busy periods.

Not just lavender

We love that right next to the lavender field is a beautiful little sunflower field. You can head on over to it after picking your lavender and pick some sunflowers for just 50p a head. They’re huge and even if you don’t decide to pick some – it’s still nice to have a little wander through them. There’s also some wildflowers there too – so if you fancy picking a few for a vase at home, then you can. I used to be a little worried about the amount of bees but once you’re in the fields, you hardly notice them at all. It’s quite interesting actually – to get so close up to them without feeling worried at all.

Photo opportunities

I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t bring my camera along. There were SO many other photographers and people with cameras taking photos. It’s just so beautiful to look at and makes a gorgeous backdrop for any portrait style photography. Daisy wasn’t cooperating at all during our trip this year, so these photos aren’t amazing! I’m a little disappointed with how they turned out and in most of them she’s actually crying! She cheered up towards the end though, so that’s good.

Cute cafe

There’s also a really cute cafe with a little shop and museum. There’s seating inside and outside (along with a park for children to explore). You can purchase lavender plants here too. We didn’t stop by the cafe this year as Daisy was tired and wanted to leave – but I remember having a cup of tea and a sandwich there last year and it was reasonably priced plus it tasted good too. It’s very quaint with a lovely atmosphere. This is where you can also pay for entrance into the fields if you don’t have cash.


I didn’t realise this until quite recently, but they host a variety of activities throughout summer. So that you can get a better idea of the types of activities they do, here’s a list of this week’s schedule. If you head on over to their website or blog you can see regular updates with information about what’s going on in the farm.

21st July – Outdoor Beer Yoga (19.30-20.30)

22nd July  – Morning Meditation (9.00-10.00)

23rd July – Photography Workshop (10.00-12.30)

26th July – Photography Workshop (10-12.30)

27th July – Toddler Tales (10.00-11.00, 11.00-12.00)

Paper Cutting with Vanessa Stone (19.00-21.30)


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