5 reasons I fell in love with Rome

I remember the moment I fell in love with Rome. It was when we were sat by Castle Sant’Angelo. I recall being sat on a bench finishing the most amazing gelato and sipping on the best coffee I’ve probably ever had. I remember sitting there watching Andrew and Daisy play in the park. Monuments of Rome in the background. The sun was beaming down, friendly locals walked past and would smile. The smell, the taste, the atmosphere, the sound. Everything. The Italian flag flying high in the foreground. That was the moment I fell in love with Rome. I’ve never fallen for a city before – but Rome took me by surprise. I get little butterflies whenever I think back to this moment. That fluttery feeling. Nostalgia. I’m not a city kind of girl – but I well and truly fell head first for Rome.

1. Cobbled, quaint and rustic streets

Usually when we’re away and Daisy sleeps, we’ll find somewhere to sit down and relax a little. If we’re somewhere hot then we may sunbathe and if we want some shade then we’ll sit on our balcony and watch the world go by. Not in Rome. When Daisy slept – we just kept walking. We walked and walked, we just didn’t stop walking. And it was perfect. I could get lost in Rome for hours and enjoy every second of every minute. It’s inspiring to walk down a street and feel at home in the Italian culture. Washing hanging on lines above little cobbled streets. Vespas parked on every corner and the sweet aroma of coffee and gelato fills the air. I feel so nostalgic when I think of Rome – out of everywhere I’ve been it’s definitely my favourite place. (even beats Disneyworld and that says a lot coming from me!)

2. The food and drink

So when we went to Rome  I knew it was known for it’s quality coffee, pizza, pasta and gelato. Now – in our household these are four of our favourite things. No exaggeration. Andrews obsessed with coffee, Daisy would eat pizza and pasta for dinner every day if I let her, and I’ll always stock the freezer up with ice-cream because I have a major sweet tooth. I didn’t get my hopes up – thinking maybe it wasn’t as good as everyone says it is. But I was wrong. I can hands down say that I had the best cup of coffee whilst in Rome. I had the best pizza whilst in Rome. and I had the best gelato whilst in Rome. I remember it rained one afternoon and we found shelter in a little pizzeria. It was so incredibly cosy and the pizza was amazing. We ate gelato everyday and if we could live there purely for the food then we probably (definitely) would.

3. The history

Before we booked to go to Rome we had toyed with the idea of Venice. Rome didn’t appeal to me much – I thought it would be boring monuments dotted around miles apart from each other. Oh how wrong was I! Everything is so close together, it’s easy to walk from one landmark to the next. It was incredibly interesting learning and reading all about the history of Rome. It was absolutely fascinating and mind boggling – to visit the colosseum and palatine hill. To visit Vatican City (and see the pope!). We learnt so much in the short week we visited Rome and even if you don’t think you’ll be interested in the history (I didn’t) you will be when you’re there!

4. The people

The people are amazing. There’s something about the Italian way of life – the calmness yet hustle and bustle of city streets. The way they use their hands a lot and the way they are so welcoming and friendly. We felt at home in Rome and when we got back to England it left us feeling a little sad – English people don’t like to smile whilst walking past on the streets!

5.  Nasoni (Drinking fountains)

I loved this idea! I’ve seen it in a few different places we’ve visited, but Rome had drinking fountains dotted around everywhere. It’s so nice to be able to stop and fill up your water bottle – it got so hot whilst we visited. There’s also an app to show you where the closest drinking fountain is. It’s a really random reason to fall in love with a city but it just adds that little extra charm into a city. Have you been to Rome? What did you think of the city?


  • http://www.capturedbyjade.blogspot.co.uk says:

    I’ve never been to Rome myself, but it is one of the highest destinations on my travel bucket list – love all the photos you shared.

  • Donna says:

    I absolutely loved Rome and would go back in a heartbeat. Such a beautiful city x

  • Lisa @ NatureImmerse says:

    No matter how cliche it may sound, there is nothing more idyllic than sitting outdoors in a Roman cafe for an al-fresco coffee. Taking a break to watch the world go by in a city that is so buzzing and full of character is essential. Everyone must do this at least once during their trip to Rome, even if the Coffee does cost 8 Euros! Ouch.

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