5 reasons to book a Mark Warner holiday

This is  a post that has sat in my drafts folder for far too long. If you’ve been following my blog for a while then you’ll be aware that last year we worked with Mark Warner on their ambassador programme. It was the absolute highlight of my year, and an opportunity that I will always be grateful for. We spent a week in the gorgeous resort of Perdepera in Sardinia and we’re absolutely desperate to return again soon. I wanted to gather and write down a few of my favourite reasons as to why a Mark Warner holiday is a must for anyone that enjoys traveling. Not only is a Mark Warner holiday perfect for families, but it’s equally as perfect for couples, singles, friends etc. – Anybody that needs a break. Here’s why!

A welcome break

With a Mark Warner holiday, it is all there. The pool, the beach, the food, the sports activities, the entertainment, the nightlife. Everything. For families, there’s the kids club (more about this later!) and so you get to spend some quality time not only with your children, but without them too. Isn’t that a great balance? Let’s be honest; we all need a break. There’s so much to do (or not do) with and without children, and sometimes it’s important to escape the everyday reality of work and stop plodding along with life, in order to enjoy a relaxing week in the sun.  We have never felt more relaxed – and for that reason alone, we recommend Mark Warner for a break.

The kids club

If you don’t have children then this section obviously don’t mean anything to you – but – the kids club is incredible. The kids club alone will be what takes us back to another Mark Warner Holiday.  The sessions last about 3 hours and you can pick AM or PM – or even both. We had Daisy in for the morning session which allowed us time to eat breakfast (a second breakfast, might I say) and then head to the pool to sunbathe. We would quite often spot Daisy around the resort and could tell straight away how much fun she was having. They go swimming, play inside (great to know when it’s so incredibly hot outside), go sailing, go to the beach etc. It’s safe to say that these three hours provided me with the perfect sunbathing opportunity – for once I came back with a tan! It was lovely to relax with the conscious reassurance that Daisy was having fun at kids club.

For something different

Whenever we go abroad, we look for the same kind of thing. We look for somewhere that we can go out and explore – head into new directions and wander without complete purpose. A Mark Warner holiday – everything is there already. You don’t need to head out, you don’t need to even leave the resort if you don’t want to. Food, shops, sports activities, the pools, the beach, the bars – it’s all there. For us, this was something slightly different to our usual getaways.

Breaking routine with routine

Sometimes it’s nice to have a routine. Sometimes it’s nice to not have a routine. And sometimes it’s nice to break routine with a different routine. Does that make sense?! When on our Mark Warner holiday, we found ourselves in a lovely little routine – we’d head out early for breakfast, drop Daisy off at kids club and then head back to breakfast without her so we could enjoy a tea and coffee. We’d then spend the three child-free hours sunbathing by the pool, dipping our toes in the sea or kayaking! We’d then go back to get Daisy and by then it’d be lunch time. We’d then go in the pool, take a walk to the beach, play tennis etc. before heading back to get ready for dinner! The best routine and it worked so well or us.

For them

It was nice to have this holiday for Daisy. She loves getting away and will quite often ask us when we’re going on holiday again. Whenever we go away, Daisy learns a lot. She explores, speaks to new children, learns words in other languages and thoroughly enjoys being away from home. This was lovely in a different way – she got to have time without us, playing with new friends and having an indoor space to relax and play with toys. When we ask her what her favourite holiday is, she’ll always say this one. and that alone is the single best reason to book a Mark Warner holiday. For them.

Mark Warner website  | Perdepera Resort

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